MRSS - Niche Market Research play

(d.investor) #148

Focus Suits Solutions & Services Ltd is coming out with a SME IPO and has MRSS as its promoters. Can anyone regularly tracking this company highlight the future prospects of this company?

(Utsav Shrivastava ) #149

MRSS is not the promoter. MRSS’s promoter is the promoter. so, in a way, its a sister company

(d.investor) #150

Do you have a view on this new IPO?

(Utsav Shrivastava ) #151

no sir i dont.
doesnt meet my margin parameters

(D A PATEL) #152

is there any effect on MRSS due to new IPO

(rvetri) #153

As i see, only Raj sharma is a non executive director in the new sme Co…
Looks like there is no official connect between mrss and the new Co… My
best guess is, this new Co may become an outsourced retail customer facing
front office for mrss… If that happens mrss costs could still go down…

(d.investor) #154

This page from the RHP puts Majestic MRSS as the sole promoter of the company
(the complete RHP of the issue can be found here: “”)

(rvetri) #155

To my knowledge Majestic MRSS is the parent Co of mrss… If that is the
case, then mrss and this new SMe Co shall be sister cos… People who have
more info can comment…

(Parth2013) #156

What you mean sir by saying it’s cost come down ??
Are you talking about financial cost ??

(rvetri) #157

Yes… If mrss outsources part of its activities, it will be cheaper for

(Parth2013) #158

Okkk sir thanks.
But currently mrss outsource focus’s technology???

(harishm) #159

If you look at the prospectus of the Focus Suites, it looks so much like the copy of MRSS. Below are few of the
screenshots of MRSS Prospectus (left) vs that of the Focus Suites(right).

How long with their methods continue to evolve. Why can’t they even get a trademark?

I still dont understand why they have so many entities which can result in a conflict of interest. Why they still dont have clearly defined business which are less overlapping in nature? Is it too much to ask?

I looked at their website ( and found really shoddy and incomplete. Click on any link and you find nothing over there. It feels that they have just created the website and forgot that they did. Their contact address is of Bangalore but the number is of Mumbai. why? Even their Facebook page has just an icon uploaded with even the basic information about them is not filled up. All of this would have been OK if it was a roadside retailer trying to make his presence felt online but for a company which boasts its presence in 18 countries, this is totally unacceptable. This is not a tiny startup, MRSS is its promotor company. A website like this by a reputed company, esp. a day before its IPO is a total show of arrogance or incompetence - I don’t know which one. I feel let down by this company.

Disc: Still invested in MRSS.