Max Ventures – A Unique Demerger Opportunity

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Another 590,360 shares purchased by promoters on Thursday 1st Dec. Since open offer was not successful, it seems promoters have decided to buy from open market. Good for minority shareholders

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Mudar Pathreya :slight_smile:

Max Ventures: Annualised revenue of around Rs 10 crore, loss on the bottom line and priced in excess of Rs 250 crore. If there is one reason I would put some ‘buy it, forget it’ money on this company, it is its promoter: Analjit Singh, established wealth creator. I’m putting my chips on the possibility that our man will route his prospective wealth creation through this company.

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Max ventures buys 2% stake in “Nykaa” - E-commerce portal catering to beauty and wellness market, started by Falguni Nayar - ex Kothak Mahindra MD and wife of KKR head Sanjay Nayar."?port_flg=yes&utm_source=MC_INMAIL_NEWS"

Other investors backing this ventures are Sunil Munjal, Mariwala family etc. Looking at the pedigree of the promoter of Nykaa, it seems like a smart investment.

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One more time- the credibility and track record of promoters draws marquee partner
Max Ventures & Industries to sell 22.5% stake to a subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company

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Buy and forget is my view on this scrip. Pure belief in entrepreneur.

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That’s a positive news !!
New York Life Insurance Company will acquire a 22.51% equity stake in MaxVIL at an offer price of Rs. 78 per share aggregating to Rs. 121 crore on a diluted basis and will be entitled to one nominee director to the Board of MaxVIL.

The Board of MaxVIL also proposed an allotment of share warrants to the promoter group equivalent to 4.76% of the post-issue share capital of the company on a filly diluted basis. These share warrants will be issued at Rs. 78 per warrant aggregating to Rs. 26.9 crore and will be convertible into equivalent equity shares within 18 months, taking the shareholding of the Promoter Gstrong textroup in MaxVIL to around 38.02% on fully-diluted basis.

CMP: 67.05 :slight_smile:

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Promoters have been buying heavily from open market in last one month. Obviously they are privy to such sensitive information. Doesn’t it come under insider trading and raise some questions about the management ethics?

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My understanding is that although above scheme would result in addition of 35% shares (Current share count of 53,396,800 would become 72,369,564) but would reduce the Promoter holding from current 45% to 38%. What PROMOTER gains from this deal? Any perspective?? One aspect is that 38% of promoter holding and 22% holding of new partner (who is already well versed with groups management) would consolidate 60% of the company shares and might enable strong business decisions whenever the need arises.Also, now the company has a kitty of 147 Crore to deploy in growth opportunities.

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We receive 97% of black money back into banks after demonetization. Corruption is endemic in India. Do not talk about Promoter ethics…Very few promoters in India are ethical and their stocks are available at high P/E. So, you have to find a good business in India case with sector tailwind. If you find good management then it is a multibagger.


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MAXVIL to enter into a JV with Toppan Printing, Japan, for Max Speciality Films

As part of the partnership, Toppan will invest approximately INR 200 crore, through a combination of primary and secondary share issuance. The investment by Toppan is subject to customary closing conditions, including but not limited to shareholder or other approval(s).

MSF has undertaken key expansion efforts in the past 12-18 months. The MSF Board last year approved an investment of INR 250 crore to set-up its 5th BOPP line, which will help augment production
capacity by a significant 60% to over 70,000 tons per annum. A substantial portion of the proceeds from this transaction will be utilized for MSF’s on-going capacity expansion.

The transaction will also result in MaxVIL’s treasury corpus growing to INR 290 crore, including the expected capital infusion of INR 148 crore from the New York Life subsidiary and MaxVIL promoters, announced in January 2017.

Speaking of the investment, Mr. Analjit Singh, Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the Max Group and Chairman of MaxVIL said, “We are delighted to welcome Toppan to an already illustrious set of joint venture partners in the Max Group, which includes Japan-based Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, South Africa’s Life Healthcare and Bupa Finance from the UK. I am confident that their partnership and strategic support will play an instrumental role in setting MSF’s future growth trajectory. We have worked successfully with Japanese companies and are most pleased to continue our friendship with Japan.”

Mr. Sahil Vachani, Managing Director of MaxVIL said, “Toppan’s industrial experience of over 100 years, their expansive global sales network and cutting-edge technological capabilities make them an ideal partner for us at this juncture in MSF’s journey. I am confident the partnership will provide us the necessary global market access and technological support to drive long-term growth in new and
existing markets.”

Speaking of the development, Mr. Shingo Kaneko, President & Representative Director of Toppan Printing Co. Ltd, said, “We see enormous opportunity in India and in this business specifically. MSF has emerged as a front-runner in their unwavering commitment towards R&D and constantly innovating and upgrading technology to stay at the top of the leader-board across a wide field of applications from labelling to flexible packaging. We are excited to partner them and help the business scale new heights.”

MaxVIL is the newest entity in the Max Group of companies that came into existence after the erstwhile Max India Group was demerged into Max Financial Services Limited, Max India Limited and Max Ventures and Industries Limited (MaxVIL). MaxVIL has four distinct business verticals Max Speciality Films (Manufacturing), Max Estates (Real Estate), Max Learning (Education) and Max I. (providing intellectual and financial support to high-potential start-ups). MaxVIL is listed both on BSE and NSE. Other investors in MaxVIL include International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Reliance Mutual Fund. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including and not limited to receipt of shareholder approval.

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Any updates with it’s real estate project (retirement homes), international school? Don’t get to see any news on the web or from the management

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A recent update:

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Recent share holding pattern submitted to BSE as on 07th Jun 2017 suggests that promoter share holding increased from 35.12% to 38.21%.

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Toppan CEO interview, where he talks about investing in India
Note:Toppan bought 49% stake in Max specialty films business owned by max ventures

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New CEO appointed for specialty films. He carries rich experience of integrating and leading Anand-Mahle joint venture(similar to Toppan-Max).
Should be interesting!!

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As per last year annual report Garware Poly is already into high margin speciality films and continuously increasing the share of speciality films in overall business.


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Any update on the upcoming capacity?
No timeline mentioned by the management and no info in public domain either.

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The Q1FY18 results show other income 7,501.48 lacs. This is on account of stake sale of its subsidiary Max Speciality Films (MSF).

Below is an extract from Notes to to Financial Results:

@desaidhwanil Can you please explain the maths? Thanks in advance.

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Company’s result release does mention more details, as shown below, raised 200 crores in total. How the Net Capital Gain is 75 Cr? No idea…Really need help of @desaidhwanil and other folks in his league…

Detailed calculations:

Disc: Invested from lower levels.