Lasa Supergenerics Limited

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Lasa concall Updates:

  1. Company guided for 22-25% growth going ahead keeping Unit-4 into consideration
  2. After promoters interse transfer Omkar will hold 36.5% of company and 10% still be with OSCL which they are gradually selling.
  3. Q2 profitability impacted due to higher prices of raw materials which are crude derivatives
  4. Regarding coming out of T2T segment, there is nothing pending from company side, SEBI will review on quarterly basis
  5. Total debt is 68 cr (LT+ST)
  6. Promoter infusing his own money to pare debt
  7. Export @40% of revenue, No single client is more than 5%
  8. Current rate of depreciation @6cr/quarter will continue and taxes will be normalised from next quarter


Mcap 300cr, Debt 70cr

EV: 370cr

H-1 Ebidta : 31 cr

H-1 PAT: 16cr

Company available at

EV/[email protected]

P/E @9

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Can you please share the report or link @khushi

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Its already in the thread…please scroll :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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last con-call transcript from BSE if anyone interested

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other current liabilities of 29cr is also Debt.

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What r the chances of reduce down or increase raw material cost (crude derivative) in coming quarters??

Q2 profit impacted by raw material oil derivative. What kind of oil derivatives used in API. If u compare input cost with peers- NG fine , sequent cost increased by 9% and 6% qoq resp. Whereas in lasa increased by 14%…


Media Release - FAQ

Read more in the attachment

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Promoter Mr. Omkar H acquires 8 lakh shares from Pravin Herlekar at Rs 142.

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Mgmt Interview

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Board meeting for discussing on matters like Fund raising & reclassification of promoter’s list is Scheduled to be on 6th Jan.

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Is it normal to acquire shares at such lower prices than the current market price?

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THE price has increased only in last week . THIS is more of a transfer that was talked about in conference call. Both were promoters earlier.

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My view: We generally see the price in the case of Preferential allotment & warrant. Since this transaction is between the father & son, it should not affect other shareholders.

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The deal and the agreed price is approved as per the SEBI’s Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers Regulations…so there is no question of any wrongdoing. Also, since the deal happened between two promoters off the market, there would be no material impact on market price besides a few random speculations about the fair price of the stock.

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New CEP application filed for VET API range of product with EDQM – Europe

Mumbai, January 2, 2018: Lasa Supergenerics Limited, pioneer and amongst the leading player in manufacturing of Veterinary APIs in India through its catalyst chemistry expertise and fully backward integrated unit, announced that the Company has filed new CEP application for VET API product with EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines) - Europe.

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What I am unable to understand is that they already have a CEP for Fenbendazole that was issued in oct 14. What is this new CEP for? Is it for some new range of products?

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Does anyone know how T2T group works and when exactly do the reviews happen and therefore when should we look out for a change if it happens?

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Review happen on Quarterly basis. In my view it is due on 1st Feb

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The role of a Certificate of Suitability (CEP) is to certify the compliance of a material with the requirements laid down in the relevant monograph of the European Pharmacopoeia. Active pharmaceutical ingredients for which a Certificate of Suitability has been granted are suitable for use in medicinal products.