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@sta Lasa board Meeting is on Dec 11 th monday

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If the tax liability to IT department is lesser than Accounting Tax expense then would it not be considered Tax asset?

It is also possible that if Lasa takes advance payments from the customers then the accounting and Income tax department tax treatment might be different due to timing difference? You cannot recognize that money as an accrued sales till products are delivered. But tax department may ask you to pay the tax in that year? Is this possible? Any one knows how the tax is treated in such matters?

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Q2 resultsLasa Q2 results.pdf (1.5 MB)
how raw material cost increased 31 cr to 52 crā€¦a 67% rise

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How is the Capital work in progress exactly the same figure (1699.98) in both the quarters ended on 30-09-17 and 30-06-17 ?
Also what comes under this ā€œother financial liabilitiesā€ it has seen a jump from 11Cr to 21.5cr now?

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Deferred tax liability is due to timing difference. Mostly it arise due to depreciation. In my previous example of an asset in initial year deferred tax liability will come & in later year deferred asset. You can say its just like a reserve.

There in no income tax on advance payment. Treatment of advances under income tax and accounting is same. For that matter income tax generally follow accounting principals.

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Take cost of materials in combination with change in inventoriesā€¦ hence 37 cr for last quarter and 42 cr for this quarterā€¦

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Also, depreciation and amortization costs are most probably high due to one time demerger effectsā€¦ same with other expenses I feel, which would have included legal, statutory and listing feesā€¦

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A research report on LASA by joindre capital avinash goraskarJLASANOTE.pdf (514.1 KB)

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Any update on conference call

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Investor presentation after Q2 results
LasaSupergenericsLtd.pdf (2.3 MB)

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Thanks Arun.
For H1FY18 the EPS is around 6.87 assuming the same run rate for full year assuming the EPS comes around 13, with the CMP the P/E comes to around 10, doesnt it look quite attractive from a valuation point of view.

Assuming you are closely tracking LASA, any thoughts from a valuation standpoint?

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avinash goraskarhas also appeared on cnbc awaaz, with his recommendation of Lasa.

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Can Omkar money can be switched to lasa ???

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I, personally, have sold my entire Omkar holdings. Today, also the meeting for q2 results has been deferred due to non-availability of directors. I wonder what they are upto. I was in fact thinking of buying some shares Of Omkar today, but the deferment of the results and the reasons given for the e same, caused me to change my mind.

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One aspect I noticed today was the quality of the boardof directors esp.the independent directors.

One of them is somebody who haw 4 years of overall experience!! Does anybody have any view on quality of independent directors?

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Very good point indeed. When I was looking at the company presentation I had the exact same thought about the quality of the independent directors. A gross mismatch between the experience levels of the other directors vs the independent directors. I doubt they would be truly independent and also doubt how much real value they could add in board meetings. A definite point to ponder over.

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Digged a bit more on the independent directors and they are young CAs working in junior (or can say midlevel) positions in private sector companies.I do not see any major value they bring to the table but most indian family owned small and medium enterprises have directors like this(Due to nepotism rather than talent/experience ).Mostly they will be daughter/son/close relative of a influential person in the firm.

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yes rightly said but that increases the riskiness of the stock given no oversight by the so called independent directors. Has anybody spoken to the management on this aspect?

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What did the so called famous independent directors did on the board of Tata Sons when Cyrus Mistry was ousted? So lets not expect Independent directors to be responsible/acting as a fiduciary for the minority shareholders for any of our portfolio companies. On paper they are but in practice they almost always toe the promoter line. I am not invested in Lasa and this is a general observation.

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Hi Bhaskar. While, there can exceptions, I think the ind. dir. adds value booth in terms of business growth and also helps in checks and balances. To me an army of good ind. dir. gives a lot of confidence on the stock.

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