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(acido255) #62

Anybody here visited these plants and company ?
any reviews is it a “Real Deal”?

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jiya earning call

(padi) #64

i have visited their plant a couple of times. mail me your contact details and i shall send you my notes

(Kapil Bhat) #65

Hi Amit,

have you received any update from the auditors ?


(rupaniamit) #66

@kapilbhat - Yes, they got back to me but were ready to share info after confirming that I was shareholder of Jiya during the subject period. I was not shareholder during that period because of which they said they are not “obligated” to answer my questions.


(Kapil Bhat) #67

Fair enough. Thanks Amit.

(SteveBayerIN) #68

I’m interested in adding this stock to my watch list. At a P/E of 8 it is an ok price for a developing brand.

My question is, is the company planning to advertise its Pelejiya brand of bio-pellets to consumers who like to have a barbeque? It’s a small market but I have a thesis that it’s the branding of a product that initially drives up a company’s P/E ratios.

Right now, at P/E 8, this company is an acceptable purchase as a commodity manufacturer with a branded product but I’m more interested in buying companies that have plans to have a well recognized brand in their product portfolio!

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Jiya Eco-Products Limited cordially invites you to the
Earnings Conference Call
To discuss the operational and financial performance for Q3 & 9MFY19
Day/Date: Friday, 18th January 2019
Time: 02.00 PM


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result Dec 2018