Jiya Eco-Products Ltd. - Step Towards Green World

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Anybody here visited these plants and company ?
any reviews is it a “Real Deal”?

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jiya earning call

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i have visited their plant a couple of times. mail me your contact details and i shall send you my notes

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Hi Amit,

have you received any update from the auditors ?


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@kapilbhat - Yes, they got back to me but were ready to share info after confirming that I was shareholder of Jiya during the subject period. I was not shareholder during that period because of which they said they are not “obligated” to answer my questions.


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Fair enough. Thanks Amit.

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I’m interested in adding this stock to my watch list. At a P/E of 8 it is an ok price for a developing brand.

My question is, is the company planning to advertise its Pelejiya brand of bio-pellets to consumers who like to have a barbeque? It’s a small market but I have a thesis that it’s the branding of a product that initially drives up a company’s P/E ratios.

Right now, at P/E 8, this company is an acceptable purchase as a commodity manufacturer with a branded product but I’m more interested in buying companies that have plans to have a well recognized brand in their product portfolio!

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Jiya Eco-Products Limited cordially invites you to the
Earnings Conference Call
To discuss the operational and financial performance for Q3 & 9MFY19
Day/Date: Friday, 18th January 2019
Time: 02.00 PM


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result Dec 2018

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Any one have attended concol?
Please upload the summary to have better visibility

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even i would like to receive the update about same. Can you mail me.
My mail id is [email protected]

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Research bytes also just has the concall audio uploaded… Anyone has the transcript ?

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We attended the conference call hosted by Jiya Eco Products Ltd (JEPL), on 18th January, to discuss their Q3FY19 results.

While you may want to refer to the attached note for more details, hereunder is the gist of the call:

  • Strong volume growth continues across pellets
  • Processed agro waste, introduced just last quarter, sees huge traction
  • Defocus on briquettes
  • New facility, at Gandhidham, witnessing delays on account of not getting necessary utility connection. Plant and machinery already installed.
  • While retail burner addition is on track, this may see a faster pace of addition only after the new facility is commissioned
  • Mgmt working on newer applications and industries, to widen the client base and strengthen volumes

Detailed note, as hereunder.

Disclaimer: I, my friends and relatives may have exposure to this stock. This post, nor nothing posted on this thread should be treated as a recommendation to buy or sell the stock. I am merely sharing data and my reading on this name, with the forum members. Please do your own due diligence before taking any decisions

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can’t open the link you shared…

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Just FYI: Promoter has sold 1,50,000 shares worth Rs. 64,33,418 yesterday.

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i checked insider trades in BSE site . it’s not showing anything.
What is your source of information?

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Thank you Amit. this guy have done it again

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The counter has witnessed a lot of volumes, since Q3FY19 result declaration. It been ~1 month since they announced their result.

I compiled the volumes and delivery marking (from BSE site) for the last 1 month, and did a similar exercise for the trailing 4 quarters (monthly vols & delivery marking, post resp qtr result announcement).

And the data it revealed (as hereunder) is quite interesting:

  • Monthly data, post Q3FY19 result date: Vols @ ~26 lac shares & Delivery marking of ~ 18.50 lac shares

  • Cumulative monthly data (for the trailing 4 qrtrs, since their resp result date): Vols @ ~29 lac shares & Delivery marking @ 19.50 lac shares

As observed, the monthly volumes & delivery marking, post Q3FY19 result announcement, almost equates the cumulative monthly volumes & delivery marking (post each of the last 4 qtrs resp result)!

Although such higher delivery markings imply higher interest in a stock, i would appreciate a feedback from other forum members on how they read such data points.

Thanks, in advance.