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It would be great if we can share upcomign events/ confererences happening in India or Online…here that way we can maximize our learning and dont miss out opportunites/events which come up

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can u send the link to register?

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London Value Investing Conference: 24 May 2018

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Traders Virtual Summit- 08 Feb 2018

One of best financial journalist Jack Schwager finally managed to pull out a virtual summit for traders

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Master Trader Program- Mark Minervini and David Ryan

October 13-15, 2018.

Suppose to one of best workshop of world.

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There you go, very resourceful site for webinars:

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I will be attending TIA investor conference in Chennai on Saturday. Looking forward to meet VP folks there if any. Drop a DM.

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I have also attended TIA Bullet Proof investing conference in Chennai on 3rd Feb 2018. Met Ayushmit & Pratyush Mittal there. Story of creation of & VP forum was fascinating. Both of them complement each other, are very humble and motivating. Someday wish to meet other luminaries Donald Francis, Dr Hitesh Patel, Dhwanil, Rajiv Jahawar & many of you who are increasing my understanding of investment.
Can VP forum start a thread where someone can share summary of various speakers in significant conferences all over India.

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Any investor conferences or meet-ups in 2019?

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following their Alpha series (found good , also free)…not participated in yearly conclave earlier…pls do your own diligence before subscribing