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(ashish agarwal) #3061

Hi sir
Do you track confidence petroleum? Company is posting good QoQ no. Any view on this

(Gorthi) #3062

Hi Hitesh Bhai,

Do you cover the HEG and Rain Industries… Whats your opinion at these levels

(Julian) #3063

Hi Hitesh bhai
Congratulations on your great portfolio. You are truly fortunate, as your portfolio shows the maturity of an investor with 15 years experience, whereas you have admitted that you started only in 2008. Have you shared your latest portfolio?

(vrs) #3064

Hitesh Bhai, Can you let know your view on Indian hotels? At around 15000 crore market cap + demand > supply, this looks a turn around bet especially also considering the CBD and marquee locations their properties are in.

(kvpjois) #3065

Hi Sir,

Are you tracking Centrum Capital? What is your long term view on Centrum capital?

(Hitesh Patel) #3066

@ashish_agarwal, I dont have much idea about confidence petroleum.

@Gorthi HEG and Graphite were two big misses for me. I dont track it or Rain too closely to offer any views.

@kvpjois I dont track Centrum capital too closely.

(Hitesh Patel) #3067


Indian Hotels remains an interesting play on the discretionary consumption spend. Tourism is doing great with people wanting more and more vacations and wanting to spend time at quality resorts (and then putting up photographs on FB and social media from same locations :grinning:

Coming to its fundamentals the company had shared its vision 2022 document wherein they show their intent to improve their EBIDTA margin by 8% and PAT margin by 10% by 2022. If they can do that then there could be decent returns from this investment. But proof of the pudding should lie in the eating and we need to see first signs of success of the company’s strategy for 2022.

Cant share the document here as the file size appears to be too big but u can easily locate it on bse announcements made by co. or on company website.

found below link to an ET article.

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(Hitesh Patel) #3069

The book The Next Apple mentions about looking out for companies making fresh all time highs/fresh 52 week highs during and immediately after a bear market. In the current mayhem, pharma is a sector that seems to be showing a lot of relative strength as it doesnt seem to have buckled under selling pressure.

I think because of the overhangs on the sector during past couple of years, a lot of investors had shunned the sector altogether and probably is somewhat underowned.

Of late the regulatory problems of some big companies including Sun have been sorted out and the US generic market seems to have achieved some sort of business equilibrium where excessive price erosion may not be there in molecules going off patent. Consolidation of pharmacy chains and increase in their bargaining power with suppliers (generics supplying companies) remains a strong obstacle for these companies.

Companies like Sun, Aurobindo, Lupin, Alembic, Glenmark, Torrent pharma etc from the relatively larger cap basket have shown strong price moves to post fresh 52 week highs after having gone nowhere (except on the way down in some cases) since a long time.

I think it makes sense to be on the lookout for opportunities in the pharma space. Bought Alembic Pharma, small allocation recently. A lot of pharma companies are on my watchlist.

I am not too sure whether this will be a tradeable bounce or an absolute change in trend as the sector leaders like Sun, Lupin etc are way down from their all time highs.

(Hitesh Patel) #3070


Federal bank has been under selling pressure since posting a high of 125 in Oct 2017. The last quarter results seem to indicate some kind of bottom to deteriorating asset quality scenario. I think I would like to see another quarter or two before taking a call here.

Most financial stocks have been undergoing strong price correction since past few weeks and even the stronger names like Bajaj Finance now looks to be bucking having corrected from 2993 to 2516 in past couple of days. I think this correction that has begun in this sector will keep going on for some time before resumption of uptrend. Fears of rate hike, inflation etc seem to be haunting the sector.

During these times its always prudent to keep a few companies in the radar to see any improvement on the fundamental front and thats where Federal Bank seems to be fitting the bill.

(nprao) #3071


With reference to the premise around the next apple, have you tracked small and mid- cap IT? Many of these stocks have been particularly strong in the last 12 months.

Specifically any thoughts on Intellect Design Arena?


(vrs) #3072

Noted Hitesh Bhai… Thanks will check.

(shyamutty) #3073

Sir, YesBank has fallen recently, do you consider this as a good time to enter YesBank? Saw that many good investors follow YesBank. PPFAS mutual fund also recently added it to their portfolio in special situations stocks.

(Hitesh Patel) #3075


The movements in Yes bank have largely been driven by newsflow regarding extension of term to Rana Kapoor. Plus there seems to be general hammering of most financial stocks. Since its correction in last few days maybe the fund guys are finding it cheaper on valuation parameters. I dont have a view on it as I dont track it too closely.

(Hitesh Patel) #3076


I think for someone convinced about the pharma theme an easy way would be to play the MF theme by investing in a pharma focussed MF. Or else create a basket of what one feels are the best companies within the sector.

I myself am still not too heavily invested in the sector but feel that the charts do seem to tell a story.

(prakhartheinvestor) #3077

Sir, What are your views on LT foods(Daawat) and other rice companies at these levels?

(ramanhp) #3078

I invested in a Pharma specific Fund as found it tough to track so many companies, which are at different stages of turnaround of sorts)

(atul1082) #3079

Do u track jubliant life sciences? Any opinion on current prices?

(Hitesh Patel) #3080


I used to own LT foods and at that time did a bit of digging. The guy running the show came across as a very knowledgeable person, when I was listening to its concall. Although it was more of a techno funda bet at that time.

The first thing that struck me was that it was a company and a sector which was a mediocre business but was painted by marketmen as a high quality food business. I was lucky enough to exit at around 100 levels having found the sudden spurt in price very frothy.

Company had expansion plans in US, Rotterdam and a possible joint venture for rice snacks with a japanese company. These were supposed to be growth drivers.

I havent tracked recent results but I find it a co with characteristics slightly better than commodity business and so if it quotes at near commodity valuations of sub 10 PE with visible growth prospects it merits a closer look.

(Hitesh Patel) #3081

I dont track jubilant life but it will be a beneficiary of valsartan generic price rise. A lot of companies withdrew from supplying valsartan generic molecule because their product was found to have an impurity which was carcinogenic. That left the field open for existing players which include aurobindo, jubilant life and alembic. How much it amounts to total revenues of the company needs to be seen.