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@hitesh2710 sir do you track shiva cement?..will the take over by jsw rerate this co?..please let me know…thanks.

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@hitesh2710 How should we view and respond to the Macro developments, majorly the increase in bond rates and crude rally. From what I have gathered, bond interest rates are triggering liquidity moving from Equity to Bonds. Should we just wait and watch and hope the tide to turn. And maybe employ this opportunity add solid stocks.

The crude seems to be a negative for almost most of the business (directly or indirectly). How to face these macro issues. Thanks.

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What do you think about pnb result. Can a psu bank go under


@hitesh2710 IIFL has been on downtrend for sometime now. I don’t see anything fundamentally wrong, results have been good. Any comments from you on the downtrend?

MOSL also has been on downtrend. Seems more due to Aspire’s performance in the past quarters. Otherwise results are good and there is some improvement in NPA in Q4.

Would like to know your technical view on both IIFL and MOSL.