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AB Capital posted another set of good numbers and also announced plans to raise 3500 Crores funds. It might take long before market actually gives it the premium valuations. A long time bet for me. Thanks @hitesh2710 for the inputs.

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What is your opinion on pnb housing finance at current price keeping in view it’s downward move due to part exit by carle group and the recent quarterly results?

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Hi Hitesh Bhai, Can you please share your thoughts on Jubilant foodworks ? Can it transform from turnaround story to a growth story?

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Hi Hitesh Bhai,

Can you suggest any good companies that we can study if we are looking to bet on the theme of medical tourism ?

Also, what is your thought process regarding investing in a sector which is frequently highlighted in social/mainstream media for its unethical practices.

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Anyone tracking Aditya Birla Capital ? Could not find any thread for this company on the stock opportunity or any forum on the website …

If yes, request to start a thread on Aditya Birla Capital

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@hitesh2710 ji, request to start a separate thread on AB Capital. The stock price has been hammered from a peak of 255 to 150 levels. It seems to have hit the bottom and retracing currently. This is the technical view. The technical data is not sufficient as it does not have a trading history of 200 days…

Would love to have the fundamental view on this company.

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@tjjeykumar, Both NH and HCG are good companies operating in niche segments in the hospital/healthcare segments. The problem I see with the times is the risk of regulations continuing with respect to the sector especially in view of the impending 2019 elections. For politicians putting in place price curbs are low hanging fruits which they would think would fetch them easy votes.

If one has a very long term view of 5-10 years these can be interesting bets but my view is that if I can get good compounding from the likes of Bajaj Finance or HDFC Bank etc why would I try to match my wits with markets when I am faced with sitting ducks with almost similar kind of returns.

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@dattachandrajit Theme of medical tourism can be played with companies like NH, HCG or even Shalby after doing the due diligence.

Regarding the unethical practices being discussed in social media, I think the whole sector is painted with the same brush due to the unethical practices of a few in the sector. I think the whole issue is blown out of proportion due to social media. The average guy on the street doesnt mind paying fees if he is getting top notch advice for his ailment. Its the Whatsapp gyanis and twitterati who blow this out of proportion.

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@atul1082 PNB Housing has posted reasonably decent results but the market reaction to that should be borne in mind. When stocks dont react positively to what is perceived by us as positive news something is amiss. We need to review the situation and take an appropriate call. Many a times in shorter term market reactions maybe temporarily wrong only to be corrected in the medium to longer term but in case of HFC I had mentioned some similarities I had observed to pharma sector companies and market reaction to what was perceived fantastic results.

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@ranjan_r I dont track Jubilant Foodworks. You can follow @desaidhwanil for his comments on the company as he is following the company closely.

@shenbal If anyone has done some work on AB Capital then he/she can start a thread. If not then I would do it provided I finish a closer look and find it interesting. Anyone is allowed to start a thread on a company if a thread on it doesnt exist provided the write up contains enough information on the company to start a thread. Starting a thread putting in 2-3 lines about the company is not encouraged at VP.

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@hitesh2710 ji. I have noticed that. And the first thread is very elaborate and a good starting point for further discussion. And that is really one of the best aspects of VP. The discussions are very meaningful.

Considering AB Capital is newly listed with limited data, as well as the challenge of fundamentally analysing a financial services company it is best for an experienced hand to start the thread. Hence requested your good self.


Hello Hitesh, do you have a view on DCB Bank. It is a good turnaround story, growing at reasonable rate and not being very aggressive, good asset quality, relatively smaller in size and a good management team. They have got rid of their bad legacy and since last couple of years starting a new phase of calibrated, high quality growth. It has been a relatively slow mover (in terms of stock price) but if you like it and fits your investment parameters, would you like to start a thread on DCB bank? I am not from a financial background and only through stock market investments, learning financial vocabulary and hence wouldn’t be in a position to create a proper beginning post based on financials.

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Hitesh sir, do you track Vinati Organics …Whether it can be taken as techno funda stock at its current stage.

(Hitesh Patel) #2823

@newone I dont track DCB Bank closely but a look at its presentation of its q4 fy 18 results provides some idea about the company. As you say it is growing at a calibrated rate and getting better in terms of asset quality. Return ratios of the bank are sub par. ROA below 1% and ROE in the range of 10%. If these were to improve over next few years it can be a big trigger.

With PSU banks not lending because most of them are getting their house in order, a lot of demand for credit would shift to other private banks and NBFCs and I think this theme could create a lot of winners in the above spaces.

@Jayatu I dont track vinati closely and not much idea about its prospects going forward.

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Hi Hitesh,
What is your take on the OMCs - HPCL,BPCL and IOC… Due to the recent surge in oil prices, these scrips have corrected significantly. The OMCs are attractively priced (high dividend yields) and if the oil prices peak and correct, there could be large upside in terms of price. Would you agree?

What is your view on oil in general and on OMCs in particular?

(Vijay) #2825

Instead of taking advice from a stranger , he might benefit by investing in index.

(Hitesh Patel) #2826

@Nischal, OMCs are now an indirect play on oil prices. If oil prices were to go down then as you say these companies would be again in the limelight.

I have been told often by some friends tracking oil that oil would peak out somewhere around 65 dollars (sometime back I was told) coinciding with saudi aramco IPO etc. That doesnt seem to have played out atleast till now. How high oil can go or in which range it can settle is difficult to predict.

I think its far better to bet on companies where atleast you can make an educated guess about the prospects of the company. Although the guess might not be perfectly accurate, an approximate but correct guess is very important for good returns.

With elections around the corner in 2019 (just 1 year away) one of the easiest low hanging fruits in the hands of govt to be popular is to reduce prices of petrol and diesel even at the cost of suffering of the OMCs. So I would personally be very careful about venturing out big positions in these companies which are very likely to be subject to govt whims.

@Yatharth as mentioned by @Uservijay instead of relying on someone’s else advice he should try and do things himself or else rely on a good MF manager. Else as suggested try index funds.

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Hi Hitesh Sir,

One of the general concerns with PSBs is that a healthy bank might be merged with an ailing one.
Just want to confirm that this cannot be done with Jammu and Kashmir Bank since it is not owned by Government of India.


(Hitesh Patel) #2828


Regarding the possibility and rules for merging the PSU banks I dont know the status of JK Bank. but with these types of banks one never knows from where NPAs might crop up. Better to stay away unless one is really confident about the bank and its asset quality.

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@hitesh2710 sir do you track shiva cement?..will the take over by jsw rerate this co?..please let me know…thanks.