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@hitesh2710 based on the cyclical logic…do u think MCX will be a good buy currently?

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@hitesh2710 Dear Hitesh ji,

According to you, for pharma as a whole is there more downside left, or are we nearing the bottom. What parameter should one keep an eye on the get an idea when pharma has bottomed out.


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About the long term PF with possibility of 14-15% cagr, I think the list of stocks could be

HDFC Bank and GRUH as you suggested,

Asian Paints, Pidilite Inds

Bajaj Finance


Page Inds


Above based on longevity of growth and low threat to disruption.

Above list of stocks are not recommendations and barring bajaj finance i dont own any of them. Anyone contemplating buying any of them should do their own due diligence

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@Shikhar, MCX could be an interesting play from hereon especially since it has undergone significant correction. I think it can be a good contra bet but will test an investor’s patience.

@sarthakkumar19_, For pharma I think price wise there might not be too much downside but timewise correction may go on. Some stocks like IPCA labs seems to have formed a good pattern where the stock price has closed above 2 year highs. I dont track it too closely fundamentally but it comes across as one pharma stock which looks strong on charts. Even Wockhardt on the charts looks good. I dont own any of the above but both seem interesting.

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Dear Hitesh Ji,

I maintain a list of stocks I have researched and want to buy. Each time something comes in the buy range and I start buying, it seems the stock just goes on a downward spiral price wise :slight_smile:

Could I use technical analysis to get better entry points. What are the minimum indicators I must look at. I dont know anything about technical analysis ( had read a few Buffett quotes on the same and never bothered with it again :slight_smile: ). What would be the resource to get started on technical analysis.


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If you dont know about technicals at all then the best resource to get started would be some simple book. And if u were to read a book like Edward and Magee’s book technical analysis of stock trends, then it would make sense to find out what part of the book is applicable by you and focus on that only.

No use going into too much theory unless you are ready to grasp it fully.

Many a times i have found that simple things like moving averages like 200 day , retracement levels like 50% and 61.8% etc work very well. Things like change of polarity like an earlier resistance once breached, acting as a support on subsequent declines also work very well.

But remember technical analysis is not an exact science. If a support is seen at 100 and stock goes down to 97-98 for a couple of days its not akin to definite violation of support. So some amount of latitude to all parameters needs to be given when using technical analysis.

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Hi Hitesh sir, am new member of this forum.I am unable to understand the recent price action of pnbhf.I bought because it’s clean management and it’s growth,paid a high price around1400/share. I will hold it for few years but curious to know the actual reason behind the fall. Thank you sir.

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@hitesh2710 Sir how do you foresee the fall in Sugar prices affecting profitability of DCM Shriram. Is it a good opportunity to add to current holding?

Discl- invested from lower levels

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@Anks, The fall in PNBHF maybe partly due to the rub off effect of the problems PNB faces. And to add to that there is general market malaise and esp affecting the financials more than most because they probably were overowned.

@inteliinv, DCM Shriram would to some extent be affected by sugar price correction. Till now caustic soda prices have held steady but personally I am not too confident about these cyclicals and hence exited DCM Shriram recently. I think markets are providing better opportunities in form of secular growth stories where we dont have to worry too much about volatility in prices of end products and raw materials.

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Hitesh Bhai, could you please provide some examples of secular growth stories available with reasonable valuations… Regards

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@hitesh2710 ji, does that changes your perception of the story? Or we can still consider this as an opportunity to invest more ?

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@hitesh2710 bhai , As per the technical chart of PNBHF, there is no Bottom formation yet, all the trend line are indicating downwards. Is there any near term Support? It seems as per market rumor ,PNB can sell its stake at any price.

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Dear Hitesh ji,

Big fan of your analysis and your efforts of taking time to respond all the people.

This market correction bought some new opportunities and many people who closely follow you and your analysis would love to know what is your current portfolio and holding at this point in time… thank you



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I m afraid I dont disclose my portfolio since a long time.

But off and on I discuss some stocks I have bought/exited.

Recent addition to portfolio is Hikal Ltd. Company is having a similar business model to PI inds, only difference being that it also has exposure to pharma sector besides having a presence in agrochem space…

A recent presentation dated 7 March by the company provides a lot of details about the company.

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Are you still invested in Max India? What are your views on the current headwinds on the Company?

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Sir, I am a newbie here. I come to know about you and this platform through an article in economics times website published on 1st Jan. Learning a lot from your replies. Thank you for being so humble and warming to everyone and for taking out time to reply every query asked to you.

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Hitesh sir Thanks for your guidance in investing.
Sir can u guide regarding portfolio.
When we have to sell our stock ?
Min and Max % of stock weightage in our portfolio
Should we fully invested all time or sit on cash.

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Dear sir, please give your opinion on Techno Electrical & Engg, Sintex plastics and Alembic ltd. Thank you

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Dear @hitesh2710 what are your views on HDIL.in last five years stock has oscillated many times between 40 and 100.

If proper entry exit made it has doubled money every 10 to 12 months.

Book value of the stock is over 260.

Stock oscillates between P/B of 0.2 to 0.4.

Disc : bought tracking position around 60 and added small qnty around 45.

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sir what is main spark you have seen in Hikal Ltd