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Sarthak, I dont track Castrol so not much idea about the company. But it usually is considered to be a mature company which pays out a lot of dividends.

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Lubricants is primarily a downstream business and has been doing well in the recent years when the price of crude has crashed. BP is selling its brand in India partially to get some cash for their payout in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill case where it has been asked to pay about $20 bn in settlements (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/judge-approves-20-billion-settlement-in-bp-oil-spill-case/)
Lubricants will do poorly once the tide for oil prices turn, so need to be careful if one is looking for it as a long term core portfolio holding.


Hi Hitesh

Please share your views on Bajaj finance, Kaveri seeds and Shemaroo Entertainments.


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thanks @hitesh2710 http://forum.valuepickr.com/users/hitesh2710
domestic consumption story revival is indeed a patience testing dream
another lead indicator - India’s contaainerized imports have slowed down as
compared to 2016 - this means the effect is here to stay

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Hitesh ji, Canfin homes valuations appear to be stretched, I know you used to own/track… Do you have any view? Thanks


Hiteshbhai, would like to know your thoughts on Lupin ? I am invested and cannot fathom the reasons for this downtrend.

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@amar, Canfin optically does appear expensive but with the sector being in flavour currently with the markets, valuations can keep getting stretched and this may surprise many investors.

@janit, Lupin remains a high class company in the large cap pharma space. I think the whole sector is suffering from investor apathy mainly due to the headwinds faced by the industry mainly due to USFDA issues and generic imbroglio in India. Over the longer term it seems a great company but in the shorter term it will remain under pressure.


Hiteshji, want to know your view on Poddar Pigment, the financial seems to be good.

Also, want to know if you are watching Arrow Greentech, as they are having a unique product with lot of formula is patented and earning a royalty income. Not able to project the business in coming time.

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I dont track either poddar pigments or arrow greentech. You might find more details on the relevant threads on VP on the same company.

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What are your views on Tata Motors if you track it ?

Its a high quality business going thru a rough phase and market is giving a fat pitch.

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Sir have gone through hawkins AR of FY 16 they have mentioned that have more than doubled dealer count , could this impact positively​, sir I m expecting 85-90 EPS for full year and dividend of 70 as they have record of 80 to 85% payout ratio, sir what’s your take on this thesis

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@hitesh2710…Hi Sir…can you please advise if your track Sanghvi movers and Take solutions.Please provide your views

Sanghiv - Considering the increase in erection of wind energy, Sanghvi movers isthe supplier of crane service to Suzlon and others.

Take solutions - DMS for clinical trials,regulatory filing, concent mgt and product consulting for Pharma companies.

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@jshah, I dont track tata motors but at some point of time it could be an interesting contra bet. Currently it seems to be in a downtrend. Even with market hitting all time highs the stock seems to be going down which should tell us something.

@zulfi, Hawkins does have a chance of redeeming itself if it can return to growth path. It has disappointed investors since a long time bcos there hasnt been the consistency expected out of a consumer product company. On first look it looks like a company any idiot can run. I cant figure out why management cant achieve growth. In its case its futile to be too optimistic and project rosy numbers. Its always prudent to be conservative in making assumptions in case of hakwins.

@arvind, I dont track Sanghvi movers. Take has seemed interesting since a long time. The only problem I have is the kind of serial acquisitions the company has been making. And it hasnt had a glorious track record of making acquisitions work. So we need to see how it goes ahead. In the immediate past it seems to have done well.

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hello Hitesh bhai, I hold some shares of Parekh Aluminex, however I understand that Parekh Aluminex doesn’t get traded on BSE/NSE anymore. How can I get rid of my shares ? Or we will have to wait for further legal proceedings ?

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Hello Hitesh Bhai, what is your view on MPS Ltd. after the results? Holding the stock for the last three years and is checking my patience. Dividend is not declared for the first time and what can we make out of this. Please suggest.

Do you track Granules? If yes please let me know the future prospects of the same.
Disclosure: Invested

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@amey desai, I think Parekh Aluminex is a gone case unless some knight in shining armour comes along and rescues the company. I havent followed the company since a long time so no idea. But being stuck with dud companies---- you are not alone in this one. I have quite a few certificates of companies viz. mideast steel, ms shoes, sonal cosmetics, redex protech. These are tution fees I have paid to the market.

@ysreddy, MPS has been lacklustre in terms of results. I havent listened in to concalls of recent results so no idea what management is upto. Granules is interesting but has the risk of USFDA issues. It atleast doesnt have to suffer damage due to the generic imbroglio brought on by the regulatory bodies in India.

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So much talking on Piramal enterprise. Is is good to add at this price. What’s your assessment


Please share your views on shemaroo entertainment.

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You can have a look at dhwanil’s views on shemaroo. He has articulated clearly the investment thesis on shemaroo. I also concur with him.

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Sir, request you to share your views on Allsec.

Company has seen degrowth in sales q-o-q. Profits have also gone down a bit q-o-q. There has been mat credit due to which profits didn’t fall much.

Sri Krishna Bhutra