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results have largely been lacklustre.
but some scuttlebutt done by a friend suggests that the company is pursuing
hsbc bank for some contract . if it materialises then the co can be on a
different orbit.

Need to verify things maybe at the agm and then take a call.

since valuations are not too demanding, I think it remains a hold.


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I need your view on Jain Irrigation, TV-18 and bajaj finservā€¦

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Hello Hitesh,

What is your views on Aviation stocks where sector has tremendous potential to grow around 20% and low crude prices which is not expected to go up in near future.


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Hi Hitesh sir

Thanks for sharing your investment journey ,learned a lot from your messages

Could u please share your thoughts on suzlon and lycos

My investment rationale

  1. suzlon
    Possible turnaround
    Government encouraging green energy
    They are decreasing the debt
    Top player in the wind sector
    Risk - huge debt .wind tariffs going down,past history of management not god

  2. lycos internet
    Very Undervalued stock Pe<1

They have lycos sports app
Lycos producing internet of things which is the future of technology

possible turnaround if they can pay the 38 million dollar in daum settlement
Their revenue from advertising and brightcom is good

Risk - Hyderabad based company with bankruptcy case in USA waiting to pay 38 million dollars

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Hitesh Bhai,

Wanted to know your thoughts on Glenmark. I have tried hard but have not been able to find any reason behind the recent sharp fall.

Is there something fundamentally wrong with the company or is it an overreaction to a mediocre quarterly result and delay in debt reduction.


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As per recent hsil management announcement, they are looking for restructuring business and value unlocking. Whether this move by management will provide good traction for HSIL?


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Hitesh Bhai, kindly share your current views on Praj Industriesā€¦ Thanks

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But then, where will the money come from [ to burn off- assuming they are underselling the products of glass packaging]. Money to ][burn off] has to come from the cash guzzling ceramic business. Just thinking loud.

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@kris, I dont track aviation stocks so not much idea about their prospects. But broadly speaking if crude remains steady, then the companies in the sector have tremendous scenario emerging for them which could provide a decent operating leverage kind of scenario.

@satish kumar, Re HSIL, its an interesting move on the part of management to look for a possible realignment of businesses. There could be excitement in the company based on what kind of outcome is there and when it happens. The packaging business remains a noose in its neck. Otherwise the products of Hindware are top notch. But management has in the past too been guilty of misallocation of capital so how they go ahead needs to be seen.

@rits, praj has been a big disappointment for me since last year. Inspite of such good opportunity in the sector, it has not been able to utilise it to grow. Finally exited some time back bcos of opportunity cost.

@sarthak kumar Glenmark had been one of the better performing stocks in the sector but since past few days has taken a real pounding. When a sector is in doldrums one or the other reasons comes to damage the investor sentiment towards the sector. That is what I feel is happening with pharma sector.

@sanu, I dont track any of the companies u have mentioned.

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Hiteshji , kindly share your views on Llyod Engineering, Pennar Industries, Kesoram Industries and Archies.
Thank You.

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@hitesh2710 Could you please comment on Piramal Enterprise and Godrej industries for a long term. Basically planning to move part of family Fixed Deposit into these companies for a real long time (5-7 years). Risk appetite - Medium.
Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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@drgk1976, I dont track any of the cos u mention.

@ramanhp, There has been a strong run up in both Piramal and Godrej inds. I think if u are thinking about shifting family FDs into these companies better wait for a healthy correction which almost always occurs almost twice in a period of 12-15 months.

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This can come only from a keen market observer with tons of patience.

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Thanks @hitesh2710 . Appreciate your taking time to reply.

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@hitesh2710 Respected Hitesh ji, It is known and you also mentioned in one of your comments in this thread that a growth stock corrects substantially in 12-15 months time frame and gives investor a good entry point. My question is, if so, then what should a long term investor do? To maximise profits, should she/he liquidate position at a higher level and re enter at corrections, which surely come in 12-15 months?

Actually, I am a bit confused about my position on profit booking. When I book profits, the stock goes high of about 20-30% in a week. And, where I retain the stock after substantial gain, the stock underperforms. Take my example of DCM Shriram ( booked 70% profit at 300 and the stock reached 400).

Kindly help me to constitute a strategy on profit booking.



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What is your view on Datamatics Global and Tanla Solutions?


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@deb, For long term investors in growth stocks its about making sufficient returns till the time inevitable correction comes about so that even if during the correction you give up 20-30% once the rally begins u end up making even more. These drawdowns are part of the game and a long term investor has to learn to live with them.

The other strategy is to book profits in your winners and wait for the correction to buy lower. But many a times what happens is that corrections do come but your stock doesnt come down to the levels that you sold. That is a source of great frustration and angst.

The key here I think remains in differentiating in the quality of business. Those businesses which have a lot of variables and of a cyclical nature do warrant partial or full profit booking. But for high quality companies with long runway for growth and good opportunity size, one can keep the position running. Bull markets like the current markets tend to rob the investors of their common sense and a lot of investors get caught with market frenzy and often end up buying lousy businesses at prices which are to be paid for great businesses.

Selling is a very tricky subject and again will have a lot of opinions from different investors and experts. There is no one size fits all theory that works here. The key here I feel is to be able to feel comfortable with oneā€™s own strategy and avoid comparisions with other peopleā€™s returns. The latter should help in avoiding a lot of heartburn.

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tbhavesh, I used to own datamatics as an opportunistic undervalued bet. But once it had its run up I exited with my gains. It doesnt come across as a great business. In these kind of companies it makes sense to exit once u get your desired returns.

Not much idea about tanla solutions.

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Hitesh Bhaiā€¦please provide your views on Ujjivan and Advance Enzyme

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Thanks Hiteshbhai for your quick response.