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Great write up on the global A/C industry by Richard Branson

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Nice overview of the dairy industry :slight_smile:

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My question is regarding digger deeper into the reasons behind the sales growth of a company. If I was to break down sales growth, In % terms it would be

Net Sales Growth (%) = Volume Growth(%) + Realization Growth(%) + Currency Gain(%) + Growth due to acquisitions (%). Recently I have found a source for realizations but is there any resource or sections in the annual report/IP where I can find the remaining details ?

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“You know why I think you’re the richest man in the world?” he told Buffett. “I think you’re getting paid back for being willing to appear foolish on a scale that probably that no one in history has ever been willing to appear before. Billions of people watching you, year after year goes by, yet you don’t mind appearing foolish…”

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Good set of presentations one must create login ID to access these
Most recent webinar is by Prof Bakshi on Fragility & Optionality in Business Models