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Research work on Graphene technology and nanomagnets.

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A small write up for the beginners

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We are parents or may be becoming parents in future Financial literacy is one of the most neglected subject in our country .This is good article

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75 companies can distribute almost Rs.1.1 trillion more
detailed REPORT


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Interesting reading for this week -

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Nice read on the current FMP saga. Also a good reason why when in fixed income makes no sense chasing 1-2 percentage extra. If looking at fixed income, why to look only at vanilla fixed income.

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Above Report Covers macroeconomic, Environmental, Geopolitical and geo-economic Risks that we are facing in global level.

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Comarison between Voltas and Bluestar by one of the blog

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Also the comarison between PVR and inox leisure

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Weekend reading -

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Weekend Reading

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Good read on Zoom video conferencing company that just went public in US

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Terry Smith of Fundsmith fund, UK; he is almost similar to Peter Lynch and delivered consistently exceptional returns over a long period of time.
Outstanding video where he describes his investment style(no trading,no hedging,no activity, sectors he invests in etc.
A must watch for long term investors.

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #524

Two interesting articles which showcase how fashion goes through structural shifts. The first one is concerning levis - where sales after stagnating since 2004 - suddenly jumped by 14% in 2018. The main driver was the focus on tops. From constituting 85% in 2004 to constituting 68% now - There is a growing trend for declining sales of what people wear below the waistline driven by people growing love for selfies. Jawed Habib has benefited enormously from this structural shift.

The second one is concerning the declining sales of the neck tie as dress codes at workplaces have become more free and casual