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IRDA has accepted the registration application for setting up a General Insurance Company in India, filed by Edelweiss General Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edelweiss. This is the second stage of regulatory clearances required for carrying on the business as a general insurance company in India.

The expansion in business lines increase once more for Edelweiss.

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Rashesh Shah talks about the journey of Edelweiss after completing 21 years and the opportunities in the future.

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Acquisition in analytics space

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Analyst Presentation

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@Yogesh_s, @Vivek_6954 Any have idea how to buy those NCDs ? It would be helpful if anyone can answer.

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NCDs trade like stocks on NSE and BSE although volume on NSE is much higher. Look for the company you are interested in and their NCDs will trade with series other than EQ usually N1, N2, N3 etc.

Link below points to all the (traded) NCDs on NSE

ECL Finance NCDs


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Many thanks @Yogesh_s .
I wonder if we can buy the risky NCDs listed in above image which give 20% rates. I guess it is not possible.

Reg NSE N series, https://www1.nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/equities_stock_watch.htm?cat=SEC

  1. Whats the difference between ‘regular’ and ‘taxable’ in bond types column
  2. I see some having ‘%chng’ as “-100%” despite having valid maturity date. Why is that ?

3. Is there any preference for a number in N series (i.e N3 > N9, ND > N9) apart from the fact each are issued at different times with varying coupons ? Also, in case of liquidation of the company, which bond would be given higher preference? I guess some ECL bonds should be riskier than other.

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Edelweiss looks to scale up private debt business; aims at 20-25% growth


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Q4 and FY17 results out - Good growth and overall performance

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Excerpt from investor presentation

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Disc: Invested. Top Holding in portfolio.

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Summarizing Key notes from Annual report 2016-17

EdelweissAnnualReport_16_17Notes.pdf (2.9 MB)

Views Invited.

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Keep reading on other forums and websites about supposed involvement in a price scam regarding price of pulses in 2015. Some say this is old news but some say raids are imminent…is this true?

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Lot of details here.


the whole investigation is dead on arrival if the govt is not willing to take action on Glencore which is the largest trader and so called offender. The point is if you take any action against these big players, it will hurt us only in the long run just like blacklisting selected defense firms did not work. How could govt. stop speculation if anyone follows all rules? The problem is in this case it hurts common man and that’s why hue and cry. This is pure demand and supply and the intelligent one will keep speculating. Leaving aside conspiracy angle, I do not find any material to smear these companies. The round tripping and money laundering aspect would need to be investigated which seems to have not got any traction. Last heard, Edelweiss is in the market to dispose off comm. trading division.

disc - invested

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@raman: Did read the article (which I believe is simply the republishing of the original one at EPW) as well as on moneycontrol. Most of the ‘findings’ wrt Edelweiss look to be some sort of a concentrated attempt to show wrongdoing (creating subsidiaries, trying to circumvent paying taxes, employees of Edelweiss controlling business decisions of the subsidiaries etc all of which I believe are not criminal/unethical) though a bit concerned with the allegation of money laundering. Hope it is simply a mischievous attempt at creating trouble as I feel that if there was really any price fixing, the govt would have shouted it from the rooftops to absolve themselves of any blame. For me Edelweiss is a very long term pick so I hope this is nothing serious as it would be a bit of a disappointment to jump ship this early

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Excellent Q1 numbers from Edelweiss.

TL up close to 30%
BL up close to 40%
Margins expanded!

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edelweiss-q1fy18.pdf (341.0 KB)

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Notes from Edel AGM:
Good going on all fronts,
Retail credit is focus area and want to increase the same from current 34% to 50%.
ARC is doing well and has made PAT of 45 crs this qtr will end up making ard > 150 crs this yr.
EDEL consol pat in FY 12 was 170 crs Vs this year only one vertical has pat of 170+ crs.

Aim over next 3 years by 2020 they want to Reach consol ROE of 18% consistently grow PAT at 25/35% and enhance rating to AAA from current AA.

Huge opportunity going forward in the savings space. However it can not be linear growth always.

Always conscious of risk and undertakes business with lot of capital consciousness. For any new business they give good enough time for the base( Mr Rashesh Shah gave analogy of building neev jitni majboot hogi imarat utni buland)
Havent raised capital since IPO and have redeployed profits to grow businesses.
Insurance will breakeven by 2021.
Mostly focused on organic growth however open for inorganic growth too if it adds value. They have done 6/7 acquisitions since inception. Recent was Forefront capital AIF, Ambit alpha fund and JP Morgan AMC.

Asset management and Global wealth is growing at good pace.

On sidelines met Mr Siby Antony CEO of ARC, Very down to earth easy accessible guy, They are very conservative on buying assets especially on Cash deals and where they have majority stake. 15/85 is a sureshot IRR of 20/22% and no brainer. They have seen many resolutions and with new laws like insolvency etc its beneficial to their business. No risk of bad bank as per him as government not very keen on the same it was good to meet @desaidhwanil