Dhabriya Polywood - a history waiting to be written?

(Raj) #42

Anyone still following the company? Have been resilient over last few months, though volume traded is Low. @pandi.Rao @ragsingh0305

(dhruv patel) #43

Hi Raj,
I am still a believer here. Although sales growth and Profit mArgins have not been disheartening, a lot depends on the DStona offtake which will really prove as a catalyst in changing the fortunes of this company.
I have been trying to get progress on this but very less info available in public domain

(dhruv patel) #44

Promoter buying from open market. Two purchases made in the last 15 days of 1500 shares each.
Volume is an issue but promoter buying certainly instills more confidence in the go forward prospects of the business. Thoughts from fellow vauepickrs are welcome

(Dinesh Sairam) #45

Hi @dhruv11

Any luck communicating with the promoters directly?

I personally think it’s a good company in an industry with a lot of headroom for growth. The financials are decent as well. The only thing remaining to be seen, would then be the management’s strategy on how they plan to take the company forward. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find much about this online.

The comments from @Capsule91 really helped. But if you have more information, please do share for the benefit of the community.