Conference Call Summary

(Saket) #1

Short Summary of Q3 conference call:

we have also prepared few other summaries. Sharing here:

Read disclaimer for summaries here:

MCX and Financial Technologies

Thanks Saket for sharing. (as also for the Disclaimer). Since this is not a company specific update, but on companies you may be interetsed and tracking/invested in, its better to consolidate at one location - you just update here - instead of multiple locations.

While it may be useful for members to follow and track the updates, the Links directly goes to Excel Files.

The disclaimer says “we” without any identification - name/identity/website. Request you to update the same - for transparency, and accountability purposes.

(Manish Vachhani) #3

Yes. Transparency & Accountability is indeed needed. Also any changes made in the concall summary will not be recorded. So if it is done on VP platform, we can have the historical record of any changes made.

(Saket) #4

Ok Sir, Thank you, I will work on the Suggestions.


Hello Manish sir,

I found a few more conference call transcripts on Twitter: @karansharma_09 here:

Please feel free to remove the post if it violates any forum rules.

(Karan Sharma) #6

Hi, I will be updating concall summaries for companies from Q2FY19 onwards. We have prepared concall summaries for Q1FY19 and Q4FY18 as well. The summaries will be updated company wise and sector wise. In the folder you will be able to find summaries for last three quarters for the companies uploaded. Whenever a new company or sector is added I will update it with the relevant post in this forum. The con calls have helped us in understanding the business and management actions much better. Hope it is helpful for other investors as well The link posted here can be used to find the new updated summaries for the company.

Link: Q2FY19 Concall Summaries

The summaries for the previous quarters can be accessed separately as well

Link: Q1FY19 Concall summaries

Link: Q4FY18 Concall Summaries

Disclaimer: Disclaimer

(Karan Sharma) #7

Have updated the link with summaries of concall of the following companies

Link: Q2FY19 Concall Summaries


(sko5prasad) #8

Is there any link from where we can download the latest Investor presentation of the companies announcing qtrly results?

(Karan Sharma) #10

Have updated the link with summary of concall of Tata Sponge & Iron

Link: Q2FY19 Concall Summary


(Karan Sharma) #11

Have updated the following folders with summaries of the respective companies

Link: Q2FY19 Concall Summary


(Karan Sharma) #12

Have updated the following concall summaries in their respective folders

Link: Q2FY19 Concall Summary