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Sorry not sure where to post this, hence posting this under “New content Categories”

Aarti Drugs - Heavy insider buying (Jan 29, 2014)
Astec Life Sceince -(Feb 12, 2014,Jan 28, 2014)
Dhanuka Agritech (12th-Feb-2014 )
SuperHouse (Nov 26, 2013)
IL and FS investment manager (Feb 12, 2014)
Rs software (Jan 21, 2014 Jan 20, 2014)

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Thanks Vishnu.

Please quote sources and provide links where possible.

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Sure donald

Some more insider buys with links below

Finolex Cables Nov 20, 2013 (by Franlin India)
VA tech Wabag Jan 30, 2014 (By IDFC mutual fund- Kenneth Andrade managed)
Vaibhav Global 3rd-Feb-2014
Astral poly technik 7th-Jan-2014 (off market purchase)

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A consolidated view of insider trading data at

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Wow that site is amazing & useful. First time , I am seeing something like this in Indian Market.

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The zerodha website shows only 2 companies. Does it mean there is no insider trading in last 5 months ? I see some in bse

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I use following link on BSE website to track insider trading

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Zerodha does not seem to track all companies. Search for a company you want to get data for, most likely output will be Sorry, we don't have insider trading data for this company yet.

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Hi Zoro99, Do you know the url for similar page in NSE

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Please check the following link

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I guess the data BSE is showing is independent of whether promoters bought on BSE or NSE. It gives consolidated data about their total buying from open market as reported by companies.

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Is there any link which shows only acquisitions or allow me to filter result?
I know this link but it takes time to see each data there. Many times HDFC etc generate lots of rows there.

If anyone found that then please post here.

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Some interesting insider buys (source :