Butterfly Gandhimathi- from Ashes to Glory?

(Aditya Mehta) #41

Topline growth is 43.8% as excise duty needs to be adjusted.
But bad news is that its CEO Mr. Prakash Iyer has resigned.
Let’s see who will be the incoming CEO.

(GG) #44

A small Cap (13 Cr) company Gorani Industries is in the same space - Kitchen Appliances - as Butterfly and TTK Prestige. LPG Gas Stoves distribution under PM Ujjwala Yojana in Central India and North India may help Gorani Industries.

(GG) #45

Is there a market for Patanjali-branded LPG gas stoves whenever it happens? Y not?
If they do tie-up with smaller manufacturers from Central India, some disruption followed by heavy consolidation in the LPG market under Ujjawala Yojana will work to Patanjali’s advantage if they are smart!