Balaji Telefilms

(sharadb) #82

Reliance Jio may be buying a stake in Balaji telefilms. Zee entertainment is also in the reckoning.


It seems like Jio and Balaji will be a fantastic bundle, this could rally accelerate Balaji’s adoption curve; it will also make subscription payments in tier 2/3 easier.

Entertainment is one of Jio’s strategic focus areas, so this would fit into their plans. However Reliance has a history of being hungry.

(ankush raghuvanshi) #83


A QIP announced two days back. And Promoter (Ekta Kapoor) has been buying the stock 1 month back at 30% discounted levels from CMP. Is it a corporate governance issue?

(rvetri) #84

Absolutely not… When she bought, she did not know stock will be up 50%
one month later… What if the stock was down below the purchase price…
And the disclosure of promoter purchase is precisely for that… promoters
will know their Co is doing well and they can purchase their shares from
market… The only requirement… They should disclose… So that everyone
knows it

(sharadb) #85

I see where you’re coming from, while its not a corporate governance issue (perhaps) but does tell us a little about how the promotor thinks; isn’t it in the realm of probability that she was aware of the QIP in the works :wink:

Does the obvious need to be stated?

(rvetri) #86

QIP was in the works since last several months when the share was quoting
Rs 90/-. Ekta did not buy at Rs 90 but bought at Rs 110 - Rs 130 a few
weeks later…One cannot decide their buy on QIP etc as markets are fickle
and can turn viciously down any time. The only logical reason for a
promoter buying is that they are confident in the long run…And Ekta is
never a trader in Balaji. She was continuously only buying for last 12 - 15
months…Infact her purchases about a year back was at Rs 140 and all. I am
not defending her…This will be my answer whichever promoter does it and
they don’t trade.

(naravi2011) #87

Issue of securities on preferential basis to RIL

(anand21) #88

can you post chart o the cup and handle pattern i am not able to see it, please provide timeframe if not possible

(Ritesh) #89


Please can you check the cup pattern in 3 year or 5 year chart. It is very prominent. Cup at 140 already reached. Now it is on its way to 220, 80 bucks high which is also the depth of cup. Please check, I am new to technical analysis


(anand21) #90

Hi, the maximum time frame for which cup and handle pattern hold is a year that too in extreme case. For 3-5 year time frame I don’t think we should rely.

(Sarvesh Gupta) #91

I see a big red flag here - First of all, all such investments lead time is atleast 3 months or more (term sheet, Due diligence, legal matters) and the stock is up 85% in 3 months - this is clearly due to the news already being out - so there is a big question mark on promoter group’s ability to keep confidential stuff confidential. I pity those shareholders who would have sold because of not being aware of the news while the buyers were. Stock being up 85% in 3 months with no disclosures smells of you know what.

Secondly promoter buying without disclosure to the exchange that they are under talks for such a large QIP is a violation of spirit of the law if not the words. No sane mind would be so stupid to think that there buying decision in recent past was not motivated by what was going to happen. Again, each share which promoter has bought has been bought from a shareholder who didnt knew something that should have been eitther been disclosed or kept confidential already.

Both these issues clearly point to lack of trust that any sane, logical and discerning investor would put on the management and promoter.

Also please don’t confuse current buying with past buying - buying by promoter at different price is for different reasons and this time clearly the reason is what we all know.

(rvetri) #92

8sarveshg… Markets are made of multiple opinions. When someone decides
to sell as he sees prospects bad for any reason, there is a buyer with a
positive view. In this case, you feel management is not trust worthy you
may decide not to buy. If you already hold you may decide to sell…
Someone with an alternate view will buy from you. A year down the line,
markets will decide which view was correct and will reflect it’s decision
through the share price :blush::blush::blush:

(Sarvesh Gupta) #93

Not really.

When two parties on opposite sides are trading - one with a significant insider information while the other is not aware of the same - this is an UNFAIR trade. The laws of the land for listed companies have a basic premise - that all shareholders regardless of their size be treated equally and fairly - especially with respect to such material information.

Secondly, we are not talking about the views on the stock and how the stock will perform in the next one year or so, my comments solely pertain to the conduct of the management and the promoter in this particular case, which you would agree creates a lack of trust in the mind of any person, be it shareholder or any outsider. Just because current shareholders have doubled their money in 3 months, doesn’t mean that the act of promoter/management was right.

(Aman Vij) #94

A Good interview on the Reliance deal

(Mahesh) #96

Balaji is a distributor for the new film Lipstick Under My Burkha, that seems to be doing well. What’s the business model for a distributor - they buy the film from producers and sell it to cinema halls? Do non cinema revenue like TV/DTH/youtube rights also belong to the distributor or do they remain with the producer/studio?

(vivtho) #97

In India at least, distributors buy the rights for sale to movie theatres. The TV/streaming rights are either retained or sold separately.

(rvetri) #98

Good estimate after Alt Balaji’s first quarter Ops - On downloads to subscription conversion rate and Quarterly ARPU

(Sujay Ghosh) #99

(rvetri) #100

Alt Balaji is the 3rd top video streaming App in India…within 6 months of the launch

(Mahesh) #101

A concern - the one show on Alt that appealed to me and backed by serious pedigree was The Test Case. Nagesh kukunoor, juhi Chawla, nimrat kaur, atul kulkarni. But they have only put out one episode yet, in the last six months. And very mundane replies to queries on twitter.
Didnt exactly get their strategy - advertising a series and not putting it up leads to very disgruntled customers, as I see on twitter.

Disc - inv 5%

(rvetri) #102

A good article on OTT in India