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(Ritesh) #103

That is true. But on twitter there is video in which nimrat kaur mentioned that all shows of “test case” will be released in early 2018.

Also compared to competition, Balaji is still producing shows at much faster rate. And there are people who like their shows. Basically we have to look at downloads n subscribers to get full picture. And alt has approx 6 mn downloads and is the highest grossing entertainment app after netflix and hotstar - means they are going in the right direction.

Plus I am waiting for the release of “Bose” that will attract many many more eye balls. Please read the comments on you tube of “Bose” trailer! It is simply super should significantly alter people’s perception about Balaji and ALT.

Plus they have done some restructuring of their subsidiaries and that will result in the TV profits utilizing accumulated losses of movies business - thus tax outgo in coming couple of years will be minimal to zero. Should boost PAT.

Invested and very biased and so please check facts yourself and do your research before committing! I have been wrong many times in the past!

(Mahesh) #104

Is there data or estimates on nunber of paid subscribers for OTT players - Alt, Hotstar, Netflix, Prime, Voot?

(rvetri) #105

Alt Balaji is the third most revenue earning OTT and Eros Now the fourth…

(Mahesh) #106

Poor Q2 results, would you agree? Losses at Operating level, other income dresses PAT to positive (standalone).

I’m still holding, but looks more and more a massive bet on AltBalaji. If con calls or analyst meets result in disclosure of paid subscriber numbers, that would be solid info to base views on.

Promoter holding % shows a decrease from 42% to 32% in August - is that the effect of dilution due to Reliance’s entry?

@rdhoot @rvetri Your views?

(rvetri) #107

Hi Mahesh

These losses are expected. Perhaps the losses will reduce only after one or
two more quarters. This is a long haul stock. The key points to look for
are total registered downloads and paying customers. Which has doubled in
last 3 months to 10 Million and 3 - 5% paying customers…

(Mahesh) #108

Eros focusing on digital content and moving away from producing bid budget movies. Their app Eros Now has 3.7 million paying subscribers.

(rvetri) #109

ALT BALAJI - launches the TEST CASE web series

(rvetri) #110

Alt Balaji ties with Rel jio for content distribution
Alt Balaji RelJio.pdf (1.9 MB)

(almantri) #111

How this tie up is going to contribute to the revenue as its freely available for jio users?

(rvetri) #112

Yes… But Jio will be paying Balaji… And not all the shows will be
available in Jio…

(phreak) #113

I think you are missing the crucial part of Reliance Industries picking 25% stake in Balaji Telefilms for 400 Crores or so for access to content. I don’t think Balaji Telefilms will be paid anything over that.

(rvetri) #114

Reliance is one of the shareholders of Balaji telefilms. Because they are a
share holder, will Balaji give their business content free. I am a
shareholder too. Will Balaji give me Alt Balaji free. In business, there is
something called a shareholder and a customer. We can be both, but we need
to pay up for being a customer - unless otherwise, the board approves such
specific clauses.

(phreak) #115

The investment specifically was for “Access to content” wasn’t it? From the disclosure doc to the exchanges.

If this means Reliance Industries is going to own the IP of the content produced by Balaji Telefilms for them, I think they won’t be paying anything for it. That should have been the whole idea of putting in 400 Crores into the company for 25% ownership. I am not sure of the exact terms but they may have agreed on a certain number of shows/hours that would be produced in exchange for the ownership? Besides, this content will be used by Reliance Inds on Jio Cinema and Alt Balaji won’t be involved in anyway.

(rvetri) #116

Access to content does not mean they have the IP and own the content… And
i can have access to the same content through airtel broadband and
downloading altbalaji app… And paying Rs 30 per month… And Alt Balaji
has clarified in the result calls that their content is owned by them and
not exclusive to anyone…

(rvetri) #117

I read the reliance investment document given to exchanges. The document
clearly says alt Balaji will own the IP of the content and the viewers…
There is no mention about reliance and it’s rights over the content…

(Roy) #118

Arms length pricing regulations apply to related party transactions. Shareholders cannot demand free access to company’s services/products.

(Mahesh) #119

Reliance’s benefit from investment could be first right of refusal for all Balaji content. Maybe access to content pipeline. Some say in type of content to be developed. But they will pay Balaji for content.
For all we know, the 400cr could even be for pushing some RIL related content in the future, maybe a Dhiribhai documentary. It must be small change for MDA, these 400 cr.

(Gokul Krishnan) #120


The arrangement should be similar to the one between airtel and amazon where airtel postpaid users get access to content from Amazon and even free prime membership.

It can also mean the race for good content is on…

Alternatively, even if balaji gives content to jio at cheaper rates what if jio provides free streaming of balaji content or some arrangements in that line. Could end up benefitting both. Jio being a long term player will be mutually beneficial situation.

(patel_jb) #121

The main issue will be content liking by people. Once it is through any model will work. Balaji has good track record on that front!!! Let’s hope

(Gokul Krishnan) #122