Aries Agro - Micronutrient player

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Which means for next six month stock will ne in side ways?

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Brilliant analysis haha :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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I am hoping this stock turns out to be a deleveraging play. it has excellent cash flows. Besides poor metrics in 10 year profit, sales growth and ROE, the company has reduced debt from Rs190cr 5 years back to Rs137cr last year. However the interest expenses has increased (could be due to capital expenditure in the current year). Maintaining such cash flow and reducing debt can reduce Rs29cr annual interest expense which was 4 times net profit last year.

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but i guess their efforts will reflect in numbers this year …Very strong cash generating business

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How to analyse this ??

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Why all agro chemical stocks are falling? Is it because of rising crude prices, Q4 results or overall negative market sentiments.

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vijay kedia sold 5 lakh shares of aries agro 2 days back

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I guess its not in a day deal…instead a basket selling since last 3 months

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There is something wrong …total traded volume 17000 and 56000 shares .and Vijay kisanlal kedia personal account holding only 300261 shares in march18

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More surprisingly on june18 he holds les than 1% then how can he sells 5lac shares

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He has sold stock bought at price of RS. 106, and is still holding stock bought at RS. 199.
Rest you have got an idea.

(Ahujavikram) #82

June share holding shows 398671 i.e 3.07% held by Vijay Kedia . This info of selling 527025 shares can be seen in different sites.
However if we see volume traded on BSE and NSE from 3rd / 4th July , it is in range of 15k to 20k .
So not clear what actually happened.

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Thats the biggest question/concern …

Something is happening!!!

(ASP) #84

I think the stock sold at current levels will be purchase again in future at lower levels if the stock goes down. Same activity is done by him in 2013-14. We’re 5% stake was bought and after 2 months 4% stake was sold. Then again the stake was raised to 7% by purchasing at regular levels.
This what RJ is also doing with TITAN since long.
Such trading activity generates regular income. And saves a trade to get trapped in huge position during downside.

(Ahujavikram) #85

or it could be transfer case where it does not reflect as traded volume

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Is it a buying opportunity?

(Susindar) #87

I think not all is well. They are having issues with the UAE subsidiary receivables and are trying to liquidate this venture. Their receivable day’s are over a year now.

(ashishverma) #88

Dont know why people are bullish about this company. Check from the trade , every Tom ,Dick & Herry is selling micro nutrients. There is no product differentiation .Longer credit and higher margins to trade are the only ways to sell. All MNCs and Indian players are having 5-6 micro nutrients products in their portfolio. How this small company would be able to compete ,that is a big question mark.