Aimco Pesticides - Growing & Debt-Free Agrochemicals

(Ayush Mittal) #86

Was looking at results. Pretty good growth in topline and decent profitability…perhaps finally the outcome of the capex done over last couple of years.

Given the pref allotment by promoters at higher price…anyone has insights on same?

(J2EE Professional) #87

not sure what kind of insights you mean ? The company seems to be on the right path …first it successfully came out of BIFR and now growing without any debt… having met the management, my first impression was that they want to make it big but without taking too much risk (given the lost decade due to financial difficulties). The impression which was given to me is that there’s a lot of scope on OPM expansion going forward.

(Ayush Mittal) #88

i meant as they were raising money…there might have been details around capex and expansion plans going forward?

(J2EE Professional) #89

Not much details were given as mentioned here. The objects of issue simply said its for capex…i think looking at the before and after balance sheet they roughly doubled their capacity.