Aimco Pesticides - Growing & Debt-Free Agrochemicals

(phreak) #64

@biju_vaisakh - Its not abnormal in small/microcaps. In the ones am following, Aimco Pesticides, Alufluoride, Virinchi, Websol, Premco global haven’t yet released Q2 results while Cerebra has just announced results date. Notice that they are all micro/small caps. Among the bigger and better ones, Thyrocare hasn’t yet posted its numbers as well.

Disc: Have small/tracking quantities in most and bigger holdings in Cerebra.

(J2EE Professional) #65

this is because the companies have been allowed due to change in accounting standards to declare their results by dec 15.

(Raj) #68

Over 5 Lakh shares allotted to non-promoters at Rs 168 as per the company’s filing to BSE. This looks like a past event, though the filing is done yesterday. Any impact of this on other shareholders - positive / negative?

(J2EE Professional) #69

this was duly declared to the exchanges when it was done. Please read all the announcements as done by the company in last quarter.

(Vipul Bathwal) #70

Results declared - any comment on point number 8 in the notes?

(J2EE Professional) #71

nothing new that they have stated isnt it… and i believe we have already discussed this in this thread. Practically they are out of BIFR. One can safely ignore points related to that now. By the way any idea when their expansion is going to finish?

(Akshay Kumar) #72

The process of transformation of pending matters before BIFR has yet not fully completed and accordingly your company waiting for necessary orders. As on date, matter is subjudice and hence we shall not makeany comments on the status of pending matters
Got this content from their AR…not quite sure what does that mean. Can someone help me understand what does it mean, Also I am not able find any information related to expansion and its timelines, it wud be of great help if someone light on it or point me to any source that helps.

(Tejas Chachcha) #73

Has anyone got chance to look at Q3 results? Any insights on why the cost of raw materials has grown so much since last few quarters?

Duration Revenue Cost of Raw Material % of Revenue
Q317 3341.51 2329.11 69.70
Q217 2529.5 1857.87 73.45
Q316 2599.76 1303.34 50.13

(Sunny) #74

Since this time raw material cost is a problem

(J2EE Professional) #75

this is interesting. on one hand they are saying that cost of raw material price would be passed on to consumer thereby not affecting the OPMs, but in reality we are seeing something different.

(Akshay Kumar) #76

Hi J2EE Professional, I am not able to find any reference to source where management saying cost of raw material price would be passed on to consumer, kindly help me find one

(J2EE Professional) #77

i just wrote what i saw in the link provided above by someone else. It was written there and i dont think it was specific to aimco but to industry.

(J2EE Professional) #78

This is interesting. They are planning to give dividend this year. This should be their maiden dividend.

(bullrun1988) #79

Not so good result by Aimco (IMHO) but gave dividendof Rs 1

(J2EE Professional) #80

true, results are not great, but then there are some big positives. Dividend payment is approx 20%, even in a declining profit scenario. Also, they have completed a major expansion and are still debt free. This cannot be ignored as it shows the quality of earnings too.

(sowrabh) #81

I wanted to.point this out…the fixed asset has doubled…I think this is a good buy on every dip

(vatsal29) #82

Since the stock has corrected the management has bought some shares also private placement to close aides was done at a price of Rs. 180 …trying to reach out to the investors …will update as soon as I have something

(J2EE Professional) #83

ok. so are you going to get in touch with those investors ? Do you think they will entertain you? if yes, let us know, maybe we can add a few questions…

(J2EE Professional) #84

anyone attending the AGM?

(J2EE Professional) #85

Excellent numbers declared. Almost doubling of sales and EPS have grown four times YoY. Is someone tracking it?