Zerodha smallcase screener

Zerodha smallcase has come out with their own screener. Looks pretty neat and user-friendly. Yet to explore completely but seems to have lot of options for ratios.

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Few shortcomings I find

  • it takes more time to set filters, obviously typing ( is faster than searching in GUI.
  • I can’t configure columns I want to see for filtered companies, it’s same things as I am filtering on. It’s perfectly reasonable that P/E is not filtering criteria for me but I still want to see P/E of filtered companies. But it doesn’t allow so.
  • Once filtered, there is no company specific page I can jump to for full details on that company. like has. So you filer here but then have to go to other website (value research, screener etc).

it’s a big NO for me.

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Is smallcase a fraud? Because they only advertise themselves saying it’s just like a mutual fund and that you have to just pay an upfront fee of Rs 100 but they never tell you about the separate brokerage charges, taxes, etc because of stock delivery into your demat account. A mutual fund only charges an upfront fee of 2% but there are no other transactions charges.

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No Small case most unlikely is a fraud. Small case is supported and may be funded by Mr Nitin Kamath of Zerodha. The man has been responsible for creating a disruption in traditional brokerage business in India, in process he has helped millions if not billions from draconian costs and requirements. I won’t be surprised if they come with IPO in couple of years.

Any discount brokerage unbundle the services as that’s their business model to start with. So small case is thematic investment idea where a set of subject matter experts try to build a theme (based on economics, expenses patterns, good results or any other pattern may be). The charges are recovered for those ideas they create not for buying and selling. The buying and selling still takes place via Zerodha.

I think if you have questions you can reach out to small case. I have interacted number of times with Vasanth (Kamat), got replies all the time. Candid person least to say!

I do have issues with Smallcase screener, I have highlighted to Vasanth as well. Those are part of constructive feedback.

Not a Zerodha bhakt, but I can not dodge the facts, they will be facts always!


Stumbled across Zerodha while trying to understand financials. Just finished watching Nitin Kamath talking on youtube - the Zerodha story. I am extremely intrigued. This young man speaks with a clarity and humility which is fascinating. Listening to how he started and how his business continues to expand is wonderful. I may well open an account with him


That’s the beauty of honcho’s… They make all stories very interesting despite the fact that the product or services may not be very innovative and make you believe in their stories. Similarly listen to Xiaomi India head, Manu Jain, here , you would believe everything is perfect (God only knows why this Redmi 5 is #Compact Powerhouse, other than his calling strategy) and tend believe his honest pricing concept, while in the story-telling process, he himself say that the rest of the devices are now look ancient. But customers are also very analytic and soon they bound to come with their own price analysis and product comparison.

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