Writting you software/logic on REAL-TIME stock prices

Hi, Is there any programmer on this forum.

I have some questions

1)Where I can get share price atleast per minute through API for programmers

  1. Which language Python or Java or any other better language do u use for that???

I wanted to write simple application that for all A/B group stocks reads stock prices (atleast)per minute and then check if price is rising only for last 30 minutes

SO at any point of time I will get list of stocks satisfying above criteria*****

  1. Google Spreadsheets provide an API to get uptodate stock quotes :

For example, =GoogleFinance(“TITAN”; “price”) returns the current market price of Titan Industries.

  1. You can use python scripts to read/write data into Google Spreadsheets. This link provides some examples - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9690138/reading-writing-to-google-docs-spreadsheets-with-python

Hope this helps.



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google finance api shutdown happened last year

does india cos like monecontrol have such APIs

Google Finance API for spreadsheets still work. Check this link for a sample spreadsheet with latest prices for few stocks :https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgkO83nN37BxdHFZWDBiZVNCbkxxMlpYZnZ1SGluS3c&usp=sharing



The solution I would suggest is to

1). Get uptodate stock prices into a Google Spreadsheet using GoogleFinance function as shown in the example above.

2). Write a python script which will check this spreadsheet every minute or so, compare it with previous values to identify the trend.



There are lot of plug ins available to extract live feed data to AMIBROKER from ODIN, and Sharekhan trade tiger.

For writing algo codes, I am using AMIBROKER, as it is one of the best package available around, supporting full fledged backtesting with custom rules.