With a little Help from My Friends

This post maybe a bit on the personal level, but still will go ahead with permission of the administrators.
I was literally out of stock market in all practical purposes for nearly two years due to personal issues and loses.
The only connection was my SIP in Mutual Funds.
Now with the Sensex crossing 50,000 and somehow recovered the first step I took was to dispose my entire portfolio - lock, stock and barrel.
I made a decent profit, one might say, maybe “Coffee Can” strategy worked because of some Large Cap stocks.
I wish to restart again but being out for a long time, am absolutely clueless.
I tried going through the posts, but to be frank, the extensive nature of discussions is making it untenable.

I am not looking for any tips, but need some stock ideas which I can follow and form my own ideas and also contribute a bit.

Currently am going through three stocks in particular:

  1. Relaxo Footwear
  2. Credit Access Grameen
  3. Tata Steel

And its get to be back in ValuePickr, missed you all a lot.

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Hey Paulbiplab

I can feel the sense of confusion one goes through when they are unaware of market happenings for a long time (I too faced the same issue 1.5 years back).

I would suggest you look at:

Large Caps: Berger Paints, Pidilite, Marico
Small Caps: RACL Geartech, Lancer Container Lines, Mold-Tek Packaging

All the best :slight_smile:

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Hi Paulbiplab

Welcome to this forum n back to stock market .

Even I follow coffee can investment. Mostly I cover high quality midcaps with huge growth potential.

This is the list, I hold

Not at all a buy recommendation. Get into yur own conviction n research.

Creditaccess I used to hold but sold of as it was overlapping with AU bank . It’s a good stock

HDFC BANK Leader in Private Banks
AARTI INDUSTRIES Leading Indian manufacturer of Specialty Chemicals
AFFLE Technology boom
ALKYL AMINES Leader in amines
AMBER ENTERPRISES Contract manufacturing Rise
ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK Leader in the Indian piping industry
AU BANK Leader in Small Finance banking
BAJAJ FINANCE India’s most diversified NBFC
BERGER PAINT Berger is consistently one-third of Asian Paints
CROMPTON GREAVES Growing Electric company . Resonable vauation . Leader in Fans
DEEPAK NITRITE Leading manufacturer of organic, inorganic, fine and specialty chemicals
DR LAL PATHLABS One of the best pathology lab in India
GMM PFAUDLER leading supplier of critical process equipment and systems to the global industries.
GRANULES INDIA Mid cap Pharma/API bet
GUJARAT GAS India’s Largest CGD Company
HDFC LIFE Insurance sector bet
INFOSYS IT behemoth getting bigger
IPCA LAB API and Indian facing business
LAURUS strong near-term and long term growth prospects
MUTHOOT FINANCE Largest Gold Loan NBFC in India
NAVIN FLUORINE High Margin Businesses Growth strong - CRAMS
PI INDUSTRIES fast growing agri-sciences company with a unique business model
POLYCAB Growing Electric company . Resonable vauation .
RELAXO Consistent Compounder in mid value footwear
ROUTE MOBILE cloud-communication platform
SEQUENT SCIENTIFIC One of the largest manufacturers of veterinary APIs globally.
SYNGENE INTERNATIONAL Contract research, development and manufacturing
VARUN BEVERAGES LTD second largest bottling company of PepsiCo’s beverages in the world
ION EXCHANGE INDIA LTD water treatment, waste treatment, recycle &management solutions
IRCTC Railway Monoplo

Beside this LTI, TCS , HCL technology, Mindtree, LTTS, Dabur, Asian paints Divis lab ,pidilite, Vinati organic etc all are quality stock but avoiding as it will overlap.

Currently tracking:

  1. Havells
  2. Motherson sumi

Thanks for the welcome and the help.
It really means a lot to me.
I have made small investments in Relax Footwear & Mahindra & Mahindra and currently tracking the following:

  1. IEX
  2. Pidilite
  3. Astec Life Sciences
  4. Vinati Organics
  5. Exide Batteries
  6. Gurajat Gas
    Trying to read up all that i can find in the forum and also from other sources.
    I just need to pick up from where I left and the support means a lot.

Thanks Again

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Have you decided on any sectors to invest in, or you want to follow a bottom-up approach? You had stocks from IT, Banking, Chemicals, Auto etc sectors in your PF thread, how do you want to go now?

At the moment these are the companies I am tracking.
I have taken position in

  1. Relaxo
  2. M&M
    and hopefully will take position in
  3. Rallis India
  4. Exide
  5. Either SBI Life or HDFC Life

I am starting all over, and this time I want to play the patience game.
Any suggestions?

I cannot suggest.

Do you want to invest in a theme like Insurance, wait for it to play out or invest in consumer-facing growth companies like Relaxo? Or want to go both way, as you have mentioned both? Or do you want to have a core and satellite portfolio of sorts, as you are starting over? The diversification in the mentioned stocks looks great BTW.

I have not taken any position in any of the Insurance Companies.
Somewhat I am not convinced if Insurance will be that much attractive in India where the inflation is relatively high.
If we believe in the growth story of India, small micro finance companies would be worth looking into like Credit Access, Equitas etc.
Also looking into cement sector - Birla Corporation, JK Cement etc.
I am not in a hurry to take positions - this time would be cautious.

Hello. Are you looking for small cap ideas or mid/large cap or any?

I am looking for a good company which can give me reasonable ROI. :slightly_smiling_face: