Why Quarterly data and Annual TTM not matching for this company


I am checking Quarterly and Annual TTM data for a company called Ashapura Intimates Fashion. Here at two places, I see data are not matching. Earlier, I thought there could be something wrong at Screener.in data.
When I sum up Sales from Dec 2017 to Mar 2017 then TTM data comes higher but at Screener and RateStar, it is lower.
Annual Sales data:
Mar 2017: 311 Cr
TTM: 271 Cr.

But in Compound Sales Growth: TTM Sales growth is 36% at Screener. So, even screener know that TTM is higher but why it is not showing at Annual TTM Sales figure!
Same is the case for EBITDA.

What am I not seeing?

I have just this question, so I have not written a big post. Hope it is fine.

Today, news came about Ashapura Intimates that it has opened store at Khar, Mumbai.

Disc: Not invested

I think screener is comparing TTM sales growth with yoy TTM sales.

Current TTM sales are 271 CR. (JAN17-DEC17)
Previous TTM sales are 199 CR. (JAN16-DEC16)

Which means a growth of 36%.

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