Why is the site so slow to load?


I am dissuaded to use the site more frequently because the site is slow to load. I thought it could be a problem from my end but all my other pages load much faster.

Not sure if you have heard this from elsewhere too.

Warm regards,

Well, its probably hosted on a shared server. As you can see, its not ad-supported nor is it a paid site i.e. someone is paying for the hosting out of his pocket. Though I’m sure there are some technical tweaks that could make it a bit faster.

Though the knowledge shared here is priceless,it is still kept free for all.I feel site should be made paid one,if not more, at least it should cover the cost & should not be burden on some one .

I agree!

While paying for this site is definitely what everyone shall do, I would rather prefer the donation route. That way it will not dissuade casual visitors or new folks. Or maybe free to view and pay for membership