Which one is better NISM or NCFM?

Hi Sir,
I am a recently qualified Chartered Accountant with interest in the field of Capital Markets and Investment Banking. I will also pursue CFA in coming years. I have heard about NCFM and NISM, these courses seems more or less the same but NCFM looks more advanced. I want to know which one should I choose to get boost to my career in becoming Equity analyst or Trader.


Both are useless. Don’t waste your time on either of them. No one hires anyone because of NISM or NCFM certification. Once someone hires you there is SEBI requirement to do some of these certification. So post hiring the organization will ask you to do this and they will pay for the same to comply with SEBI. Focus on the subject knowledge and maybe do some internship. That will be more useful to get a job in equities


For knowledge Purpose , CFA is v good…they will go into v depth of finance…will cover lots of areas…but its a bit expensive and also required hard work to clear(be ready to give at least 2 hrs per day self study).

NCFM , NISM are not that much good.