Which Mutual Funds are best for short duration goals?

Hi fellow investors,

I am a beginner in mutual fund investing and trying to learn all the major aspects of it. I have invested in a few MFs for long-term goals but not sure where to invest for short-term goals. Would appreciate it if someone can list a few good funds here.

based on your time frame, you can choose the fund. Can be ultra short term, liquid fund, short duration fund, etc.

You can pick any fund house as most of the returns are similar (with variation of 5-10 bps). Check their expense ratio. I would suggest do direct investment.

Also, any short term capital gain will be taxed as per slab rate. Check the taxation angle too.

The starting point should be: Time period for which you want to make investment.

Since you wish to invest for short-term goals, short-term accrual based debt funds are the way to go… The following post has a link to an excellent video which will gives good introduction to Debt Funds and how to select an appropriate one.

There are is a Part-2 and a Part-3 video too, which you can search and find…

For any short term goals you should look at liquid funds or ultra short term funds. Always go for direct option as the expense ratio will be less