Where to find price movements over 25-30 years?

As I saw in many of the posts on ValuePickr,members have put up tables of the past 10 years regarding:stock price,PAT CAGR,Sales CAGR,etc.In some cases,even the price CAGR over 15 years or more has also been talked about.The Moneycontrol site only shows ‘Yearly results’ of the past 5 years.The charts only show 13 year price movement & are not much help.So,if any member could tell me the correct site I shall be grateful.I am sure many others would also like to know the same. so that we can do our own research.

Sagar ,

Well I too had faced similar problem as immense data required to analyse company analytically . For this our BSE india come to rescue ,


On above link you can view last 23 years of daily stock price moment starting from 1991.

For last 13 year of Quarterly & yearly result again BSE come to rescue ,


Above 13 year Quarterly & yearly result data is for Unichem , you can add any script & obtain data .

Above data of price moment can be download in excel also, hope it will solve your purpose .

For more refined data of performance ratio like ROE , ROIC , ROCE etc , there is only one substitute hard work to calculate its value from above basic data & it will pay you rest of life.


Kiran U,
Thanks for that.Will ask for other calculations soon.