What we can do to make our posts standout - look cleaner?

Continuing the discussion from Nitin Spinner - textile story:

We might have noticed the new functionality of excel cut &paste that works like a dream - nice images get generated and embedded in-line. However this also adds back the unformatted-text table just above the image.

If we take pride in our post - want it to be noticed, let’s take the additional step of doing an Edit immediately after Save. In the Edit, we just snip off that bit of unformatted -text - till just above the Image source html


I edited out that unformatted text in Rohit’s original post on Nitin Spinner thread.

And it looks so much cleaner, nicer. Check that back.

I am sure its pretty intuitive, and everyone will figure out - and will be willing to do a little maintenance job - on our own contributions, no.

Another small way we can help improve discussion quality - by cleaning-up cluttered posts

Thanks Donald for explaining, will keep it in mind the next time I post something… :slight_smile:

Reading your post, I got transported back to my school when I was frequently told by my teachers to improve my hand-writing… :stuck_out_tongue:

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The passionate ones amongst us may even like to go back to our older favourite posts (at the old VP, migrated here) and copy-paste back the original excel table, and earn brownie points/badges from the community

Don’t forget to edit immediately after the cut-paste :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not sure if this is the right thread but wanted to give feedback to moderators if we can enable dark mode for forum?