What should one track to understand market trends?

Hi All,

What are all the different indices / metrics / filtered list of stocks should one track to understand what is happening in the market?

For example to realize suddenly some sectors are suddenly getting re-rated… or mid cap is falling etc.

I do not want to track 100 things also but some 10-20 things which are key. I am planning to put together a list of things to track every week to better understand what is happening in the markets. (My work doesn’t allow me to do this daily)

Some things I am thinking:

  1. Sensex, Nifty50
  2. Small cap index
  3. Mid cap index
  4. Sectoral indices
  5. Stocks making 52w highs and 52w lows
  6. IPOs, Buybacks, Spinoffs and other special situations
  7. Stocks which went up by > 10% and > 20% and which went down by > 10% and > 20% in the week

Please share any good links to do this also if you know. Appreciate any help.


FII Inflow/outflow weekly data

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