What is s+ group in stock recently basant has moved to that can u explain what and why this happens pls

Pls help in know before joining the value forum I invested in basant agro at 10 level… Know I have understanding and learning the basics from this forum and some books. But can some one tell me what is /s /group

Dear All,

From tomorrow the following 52 scrip’s are moving in S+ Group , transaction charges will be 1% of traded value ( If traded value is Rs.1 Crore transaction charges will be Rs.1 Lac + Applicable Taxes ) . Please take a note of the same before dealing in the said scrip’s. http://www.bseindia.com/markets/MarketInfo/DispNewNoticesCirculars.aspx?page=20170609-38

Thank you sir. But why does this happen. Generally. Just to understand.

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