What could be the reason for 0-0 in Cash Flow

If there is a business then there will be some cash from it or loss. This is what I think.
But for few Cash is mentioned as Zero-Zero.



Don’t they receive any money from the sale. What could be the reason for this?

@satya61229 Seems its a mistake from screener database. It was not 0-0 & You may refer to the actual cash flow statements from their last year Annual report.

In ratestar also, last year cash flow is 0.

All of them are using paid databases & so I would assume there might be some issue with the database they use.
My point is you will get right data from last year Annual report .

See below the operating cash flow snapshot of the firm, it’s not zero.

Here’s the link to the AR Sanwario Agro FY 16 AR

Thank you for the snapshot.

Then I need something else. Means any other website to check quickly. At screening, these companies used to filter out. I I liked story then also Zero cash flow creates a strong negative and there is high chance that I drop it. So, I need to look at other website which can provide me correct data.
Then, as you guys said, use Annual Report.

But I see only for very small companies, this cash flow error occurs at Screener. Hope they don’t calculate in other way and want to tell us something indirectly.

I suggest you look at the BSE website (www.bseindia.com). You can get data that is reliable and in most cases, basic data convertible to Excel, not cash flow data (which is where others turnout useful)

For eg, you can get the above mentioned firm at BSE India; then click on the Results tab and you will see a link for Annual Report.