What are the financial apps, podcasts and other tools you use frequently to learn?

I have been listening to Berkshire AGMs recently helped me a lot and found this little known [Standard Deviations with Dr. Daniel Crosby] (Stream Standard Deviations with Dr. Daniel Crosby | Listen to podcast episodes online for free on SoundCloud) podcast on behavioral finance very educating.

The app i used to listen to BRK AGMs
You may find this App handy -

Would love to know what other community members do in free time :slight_smile:


I listen to the below podcasts on Google Podcasts app.

I listen to various books on Amazon Audible App. If you don’t have enough time to read any book, listening via Audible is great choice. I am addicted to it.

Pocket is another app/site where I save articles, blog posts, company update so that i will be able to read later when I am free.

Apart from this I had subscriptions to Safal Niveshak premium content and Value Research Mutual fund, Wealth Insight Magazines.

I follow various renowned investors on Twitter so that we will learn something from their mistakes, success stories and general market trends etc.

Finally, I tried to read all the content from ValuePickr community. Especially going through past year messages gives lot of insights about the investors behavior, companies health, how to avoid bad apples, market sentiments etc.

I subscribed to Google Alerts for the tracking companies. This helps me to avoid financial media most of the time. Rarely i look at media news directly.


Since when you are reading “Safal Niveshak premium content” how you find it? Able to put anything in practice?

Right now I am not a subscriber. But I had gone through all the subscriptions from 2015-2018. You will not find any ready made stock recommendation from this. But you will get so many insights from all the materials. Those insights will be useful when filtering stocks.

Financial Statement Analysis Chapters are really good for non-Finance guys like me.

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This i discovered recently, yes a very useful app.


I Bought the Safal Niveshak premium package in the beginning of the year. It helped me to start forming a method to go about my investing journey. Its not a stock recommendation service. Its a good starting point if you want to study about value investing.

I think its far better to read and listen to Berkshire annual letters and AGMs, Read the books like security analysis and intelligent investors.

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do you think it’s worth the money?? I feel most of the things Vishal preaches are freely available over the net…just my perception no offense to anyone…and I have not been his paid subscriber…this is based on his talk and articles I chanced upon

By far the best podcasts I’ve listened related to business patterns and how business rivalries have played out is- Business Wars. It’s like watching a movie.

Can you share the link , Would love to listen it …

Yes i think it’s worth the money. It allows you to structure your process towards making value investing based investment. You can get the same advantage by reading very widely but if you lack the time then this course allows you to be more precise in your search.

He who understands this understands investing. Keep listening to this again and again if you don’t get it. It’s the most important Buffett/Munger video in my opinion


So, because I’m fairly new to the game, I like to use a couple of platforms to gather my information. Listed below is what I frequent by category!
Podcast: FinTech Podcast, So Money, The Dave Ramsey show (these are my top personal finance and tech podcasts to follow, light hearted and easy to understand, dave Ramsey specially) For current affairs, I listen to The Daily

Twitter: @mark_dow, @business, @pmarca. Honestly the most entertaining and to the point forum

News: www.cityfalcon.com
It’s a financial news aggregator, so instead of following a bunch of subscriptions, I get all my news in one place, personalized to my liking and its easier, cause I usually listen to my podcasts and read my news on the commute to work.
Reddit: r/India and its subreddits
Hope this helps!

The copy of latest presentation: How to avoid common mistakes and uncommon losses

It has several new case studies including very detailed 4 slide case study on Suzlon slide# 40-43 (if we had a time machine to go back to Jun 2007 and see what was coming).


How can we watch it full screen ? Pls advise if any pointers .

View it or Download it from Slideshare.

For downloading, you need to register at slideshare