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Hey all, thank you for adding me to the forum, will try and share my knowledge here.

Hi All,

Just wondering, anyone in this forum in usa or dallas? just curious to know about others.
I am in dallas.


please any one from moderator. i want to change my email from vsnl in my profile. vsnl has closed email services.
i didnt find any link to edit email in my profile in my valuepicker login

Hello Guys,

I am new to this forum, thank you moderators for the permit to log in this platform. Thanks for the information.


Thanks for inviting me to this forum. Looking forward to learning from here and contributing back.

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I need help pl. For last few days I have not been getting any mail of new posting in my e mail. This has happened for the first time in last 5 years. Pl advise what can I do to get the mails. Thanks

Try checking your email settings in your profile.

Thanks. I had checked but found ok. Nevertheless. I will recheck.

One of the best Welcome posts i have ever come across, summarizes things well for a novice like me. Thanks guys, looking forward to enjoy my journey with ValuePickr.

Thanks team ValuePickr, joined today… I am a mediocre inspired by geniuses, focus on mineral industry, found great clarity on some topics I studied today on this platform. Learner and contributor role as we move ahead. Thanks all.

It’ll be great if valuepickr provides a feature for downloading entire thread :slight_smile:

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This is my first post, I have been reading discussions on VP since long, I sincerely thank all the veteran members for the wisdom and knowledge they share.

Hello VP team and all the members,

Thank you all for sharing your research and observations on the stocks. I wish I had found this forum earlier, it would have saved me investing in crap stocks.

Can we please initiate a new VP public portfolio? I liked the earlier one but many of those are trading at rich valuation. Lets try to find the new alphas.




We can select “watching” in a thread and every post gets notified. Similarly, Is there a way by which we can follow some of the members, so that each of their posts gets notified. For example @hitesh2710 @Donald how would I know each post of theirs?

Hello, I am new here and trying to find my way around. i was trying to read up on a company (MTAR Technologies) but I see the thread was closed in April 2021: MTAR Technologies: Can they scale up?

Can someone tell me why the thread was closed and why there is no further participation/ discussion on this stock? I did try searching for another MTAR related thread but could not find one.

Thank you for your help.

Please use this thread for such queries.

From what I could see, MTAR thread may have been closed as the OP did not put sufficient information regarding the company, as per the norms of VP. As for the no further participation, as the thread is closed, members could not post there, obviously, but there may have been discussion about MTAR in other threads, which are in the same business as MTAR, it happens, but I don’t know which threads are those, if such discussion has indeed happened.

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Thank you! That was very helpful.

How does one go about reopening that MTAR thread?

I guess you can message the moderator who closed it @manish962 and ask for the reason why it was closed and you can tell him if you want to contribute, or start a discussion in that thread.

If opening that thread is not possible, then perhaps you can start your own thread with updated information, along with the information from the existing thread, you can ask the OP of the closed thread, he is active. And you both can contribute in the old or new thread.

Contact the moderator.

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Hello Everyone, I am happy to be part of this wonderful platform. I am a newbie in equity and have been following this forum in read only mode since few days. Now got a chance to interact. Thanks to admins.

I am exploring lot of things everyday but unable to figure out on one thing. I.e. Evaluating Management/Promoters. How can I get to know the difference between good promoters and naughty promoters?