Website to Maintain Portfolio Details

Hi All,
Is there a free website, where I can maintain all my investment portfolio like stocks, MFs, FDs etc.

Thanks. is quite good. I have been using this for the past 15 years.

Valueresearch is the best one…you can also look at free version of mprofit if your total assets are upto 50 lakh.

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Yes Valueresearch is good one. You may also see

In addition, I have found NSDL eCAS statements to be good source as well. It generates a consolidated statement every month containing Direct Equity, Mutual Funds, Bonds etc. It also provides basis analysis like Month on month portfolio growth, IRR on MFs, purchase and sale transactions, and even the money paid to your MF distributor/agent (if you have MF regular account. They are continuously expanding the features too. Recently they have rolled out a feature to add NPS investment details as well.

While it does not have FD details, it does provide a very good consolidated view. For those using CDSL demat, I have heard a similar eCAS statement is provided by them as well.


Mprofit cloud - not free beyond 50L portfolio value.

ET Markets app. Even in the free version it hs negligible ads unlike Moneycontrol which keeps on bothering every now and then with irritating ads adds the dividend amount to the profit of the stock. Hence the profit there will always be higher than the profit as per the broker. is another option I am personally using to track Stocks & MF. you can have 10 different portfolios and each can have >100 stocks/MF. Very easy to navigate to respective stock or MF pages to see all details of stock or MF to get all updates. With a small yearly subscription(app. 2K) one can get many useful info graphics as well.