Website to know FIIs new investments / holdings / exit

Hi Guys,

I am looking for website that gives details on the investments of domestic and FII investment in a specific stock, their holdings, movements across a quarter / month

you can find it in

Thanks Rajneesh…!

i am not looking for a website from an organised player like Valueresearch / Money control. However, these website serves the purposes.

However, i am looking for a website created by an investor like us which as shared on Valuepickr forum under one of the threads (which i cant remember now). That website is very useful and captures minor portfolio changes (and he was offering it without any charges as well). Now, i can’t remember the website name.

Thanks anyways. Happy investing…!


is it this ?

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That’s it. Thanks Reacher…!

HI Matt,
You can go through below url you can find it every day positions.

Click on analasystab you can find required details.



Can someone suggest names of free websites that provide skewness and kurtosis of individual scripts?

Thanks in advance.