Ways to identify a Stock

This may sound like a naive question and I understand there are no holy grails when it comes to identifying a stock that has huge potential for long term and short term investments.

I recently came across http://www.nextlevelinvesting.org/shameless/ and was quite amazed. Is this theory even worth considering? Now if we are to follow this theory whose portfolio should one at-least have a look at.

My another question to all the stalwarts this forum has ever seen. Is there things like “Low-Risk Value Method to High Returns”.

What in company impresses you that you go ahead and invest in them? I’m learning the related terms/ratios/jargons and in case I don’t understand I’ll make an attempt to follow up. Thanks in advance.

If anyone does beat the mid cap index by 10% in fy 18 or cy 17 using this technique then please do update this thread. Thank you!

These can be a starting point they are there in Basics Section