Want to point to - Story with Earnings Momentum, Turnaround, Change in Management?

Today VP audience and readership consists of different kinds of folks with possibly different ideas of how to use a platform like VP to the best advantage.

Should you want to just POINT to a new idea with growth momentum or turnaround in fortunes, or change in Management, etc and find that there is no existing thread on that, please use the Company Q&A section, that is free-format and does not impose any limitations. This section is for those who feel they are unable to find time/put in effort to analyse in-depth, but would still like to point to a promising opportunity for the Community to take forward.

Once such a thread in the company Q&A section finds interest and there is some meat in the discussions, it will happen organically that someone else who has the passion will consolidate arguments/counter-arguments and initiate a proper discussion on the opportunity in the Stocks Opportunity section.

Stocks Opportunity section - is known for quality/rigour of analysis. In that section we will insist on the Idea Initiator to take RESPONSIBILITY, and
a) write a balanced initial post - adhering to VP Guidelines
b) respond/examine counter-arguments (to one’s invested/tracking ideas)
c) make the TIME to work further on his/her proposed idea in collaboration with others

We expect everyone to respect/adhere to VP Guidelines - it is for our own good. If you are a responsible member, you will not expect other members/moderators/admin to clean up after you.


Dear admin
We can see various companies in Q& A section which are already being discussed
can u please tell how to list a new company in Q& A section to start discussion

If a discussion already exists in Company Q&A or Stocks Opportunity, join that discussion, and feel free to ask a question, and/or point to some data-point/event, as usual.

If no discussion exists on your company and you have something to just say/ask, go ahead and start a thread on the company with a post on the lines of say, the Dynemic Products thread (as an example), in the Company Q&A section

Dynemic Products is a manufacturer and exporter of complete range of Food Colors, Lake Colors, Blended Colors, FD&C Colors & Dye Intermediates. Listed peer Vidhi Dyestuff is valued quiet highly whereas this company is valued much lower (PE of 16 to 6). Products of this company are better than Vidhi. Other parameters-wise also Dynemic is better.

Couple of issues. Management last year cancelled split and this year skipped dividend.

I believe it should not trade at such a discount. Anyone has any dope on this ?

Disc : Invested at CMP.

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Thanks for your guidance …