Want Suggest For Good portfolio

Hello everyone …

I want to invest 1 lakh for Long, Please suggest some good stock for long, may be for 5 to 10 yr,


Buy a good mutual fund. If you plan to invest in stocks you should not ask for advise. If you are asking for advise then it is better to invest it in an equity mutual fund.

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Invest in good stocks like Asian Paints, HDFC Bank, Bosch, Nestle etc. which have a proven track record .

All I can say is don’t be in a hurry to invest all of your money. Invest a part of your money in a stock, whenever you are convinced about it’s future.

If studying businesses is not your thing, mutual fund is a decent alternative. Find a mutual fund managed by a manager with proven track record. Good luck.

@ the stocklady. could you explain your reasons for recommending these stocks. i would draw your attention to the fact that this forum is a learning tool. proper process should be followed rather than naming a part of your portfolio.

@pradipta70. you should first try to go through the different topics on this forum. there are tens of topics discussed everyday.everything that you read makes it easier for your next investment decision. there are some superb seniors like ayush, donald, hitesh sir who guide people. take their help. but make your decision. start small. and when you gain enough experience dive in.

invest 1 lac in 4-5 stock 20 to 25 thousand in each stock like Asian paint, gruh finance, page ind, glaxosmith consumer, hdfc bank, gulf oil lubricant, castrol, berger paint, emami, marico, bata etc all are in wonderful business.