VP TopContribution - Evaluation/Selection Framework

First of all apologies for the inordinate delay (5 months) in compiling and putting this up, when promised in July/Aug 2016.

Main reasons for delay:
a) my/our own pre-occupations and inability to prioritise this
b) need to observe our own (smaller groups) behaviour and motivations, in light of “SEBI guidelines” as an excuse, and/or other dis-incentives to public exposure at VP :wink:
c) think-through/sleep-through time needed for reviewing the “informal” process critically, improving upon it and communicating the formal process (with complete transparency & accountabilty as far as possible, while reserving necessary discretionary powers)

We still need more work to thinking-through on as Dhwanil puts it - “Do we have the Right Incentives in place??”" (right now it’s more of recognition, close-proximity accelerated learning incentives, and an appeal to the “generosity” streak in us; Is that enough?).

This is an evolving framework based on current learnings. We look forward to implementing and improving this incrementally based on the learning experience, issues/challenges faced, and constructive feedback loop from the Community - starting from the first slide - What do we come to VP for??

VP_TopContribution_2016.pdf (1.5 MB)


Copying in the 6 slides incrementally to facilitate easier viewing/discussion at one place

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