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VP Chintan Baithak Goa 2017: Increase Visibility, Reduce Hope : Sandeep Patel

Attached, please find “Increase Visibility, Reduce Hope” by connecting the dots presentation that I did at the VP Chintan Baithak Goa 2017. Illustrates few example, primarily an attempt to identity the triggers for future source of earnings. Certainly non-exhaustive list.

VP Goa 2017 Meet - Increase Visibility, Reduce Hope v2.pdf (2.6 MB)

Aim to update this thread with list of tools and new findings as and when I come across if there is sufficient interest in such work.


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07/28/2017 - Uploaded v1.
07/29/2017 - Uploaded v2. Corrected broken link in the slides.



Sandeep bhai, your work on connecting the dots was very stimulating for me. I would definitely look forward to your new discoveries when you find them.

This site gives data on the H1B visas issued company wise and year wise. In the right hands will certainly have predictive value for e.g

Do let me know if you come across tools that have helped you.


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I really enjoyed your presentation.

It is presented so clearly and so easy to read and this is particularly important as we do not have the benefit of listening to you in person.

It brings the importance of diligent investigation dramatically.

I have one minor question, what do you mean by the title of the presentation? I think “Reduce hope” means tempering our expectations, but what does the “Increase Visibility” mean.


Monday, Nov 13, 2017

@SUNRAY, my interpretation is like this: when we buy into any company, we wish it to do well or rather Hope it to do well so that our investment is rewarded. But when we connect the dots, the picture becomes clearer or the Visibility increased.
It’s a different matter altogether, whether we can see the dots or only the gifted few can. What say @spatel?

Brilliant presentation, Sandeep.

Great illustration of “connecting the dots” and gives a nice window of your thought processes.
I think your slide deck is an essential for any new investor to emulate.

Gives hope to people lamenting the lack of information edge.

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