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VP CHINTAN BAITHAK GOA 2017: Dhiraj Dave: Indian Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Find enclosed my contribution in form of presentation on Indian Corporate Insolvancy and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.

Looking forward to feedback from other members on the subject.
Insolvancy and Bankruptcy code Final June 2017.pptx (130.9 KB)


Thanks a lot Dhiraj for your presentation on this important topic. Will go through and hope to understand something from it :slight_smile:

Dear all,

Would be helpful if all ppt are compiled in a single thread and also all videos (if available ) are shared. It may be a small move from your end but will be very helpful for all VP users in future also.

Important Topics deserve their own thread. So feedback and questions are specific to the learning. Else its our experience, that the feedback/learning gets all jumbled up.
Besides - there is a reason for a dedicated thread - for longevity. New readers can always go back and buzz, authors can revise content or comment on new additions and the like.

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One consolidated post with links to other individual threads would be good. That post can be made sticky and be admin/mod editable only and locked.


I believe all presentation would be stored in common group under Accelerated learning. So it shall be fine for anyone who interested in all discussion. I agree with Donald that providing different message board would make discussion clean on specific topic, as there may be more than 20 presentations, in other wise single thread.

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Yup. A common category is fine I think. I can find previous meeting posts there too so all the better. Discovery of Accelerated learning category in itself is a little obscure but an interested user should be able make that effort to discover it IMO.

Congrats Dhiraj , your guidance on the forum is very helpful.


@dd1474 What’s the expansion of acronym SICA, CIRP ?

SICA stands form Sick Industrial Companies Act
CIRP: Corporate Insolvency and Resolution Process

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This is a lovely illustration of how clever moves within the bankruptcy code which benefits all. The article though under premium coverage is worth a read