@anil1820 and I presented the trends in business model risks.

Understanding Risks in Business Models_final.pdf (1.4 MB)

The objective was to look at recurring patterns in risks in businesses and provide a guide on some areas which have historically been risky or have the potential of being risky in the future. The presentation was geared for generating discussions and is NOT a commentary of any business.


a pleasure to see Prof Bakshi’s reference;; who taught us BFBV at MDI…he once had an an up and running website, sharing all the course presentation, which i guess is not anymore… neone having copies, pls share…hopefully, others part of this forum would love it too…

Hi narendra,
Bakshi sirs BFBV course material was on www.sanjaybakshi.net but i think it is offline now.
I have the v11 and v12 files offline but dont know how to share. They are over 1 gb.

You can upload it on Google drive and share the link here for others to download. Alternatively, if you can write a CD and send it across to me, I can do it on your behalf. I am based out of Delhi and can have the same collected from you as well.


thanks mukesh for stepping in… a bit Elliterate myself!!