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VP Chintan Baithak - 2018 - Structural changes in MFI-SFB landscape

Dear All,

Please find attached sector presentation done by @hitesh2710, @manish962 and @vivek_mashrani on structural changes and its impacts in MFI-SFB space.

Please note that all companies discussed are for educational purpose only and do not consider them as buy/sell recommendations. Thanks.

Structural changes_MFI_SFB_vF.pdf (1.3 MB)


Very nice presentation … enjoyed going through it.

Thank you @hitesh2710 @manish962 and @vivek_mashrani for compiling and sharing this doc. This is comprehensive and well drafted . May I recommend that this be also linked to the specific forums like Ujjivan where others may find it.

On the difference between Equitas and Ujjivan, I think the story is playing out still and Ujjivan seems to have changed gears to focus on non-MFI business which they hitherto couldn’t / didn’t.

One other thing that I wonder about is how these guys will sustain. There aren’t very many markets with over 50 banks providing retail services excluding global names. I expect consolidation and SFBs are a good franchise to go after … It ought to be attractive for the SFBs and their management may be keen to book profit and take some cushy job but it may impact the long term growth that we may be vying for.