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Vishal's Portfolio

I am sharing my portfolio for feedback from other VP members

Rain industries - 60% - Avg price - 98
ITC - 8.6% - Avg price - 193
DHP India - 7.7% - Avg price - 343
Sunteck reality - 5.2% - Avg price - 176
VST Industry - 5.5% - Avg price - 3067
Safari Industries - 4% - Avg price - 370
Akzo Nobel - 4% - Avg price - 1873
Godrej Agrovet - 2.5% - Avg price - 423
Kriti Nutri - 1.8% - Avg price - 42.50

My primary aim to reduce holdings of rain industries and add some quality companies in my portfolio.
Right now it’s too much concentrated with a single holding only.

views/suggestions invited :slight_smile:

Add some pharma and chemical companies in portfolio to make use of the tailwinds in the sector.

Thanks Jaisish for the suggestion, but as per my view valuations of pharma and chemical companies are stretched now. And I am bit confused in future they will continue to grow at same rate or not.


I have a question on this allocation. Are you an expert on this business? I haven seen very few people with such skewed allocation.

I admit my mistake by allocating too much for rain industry that too for cyclical company, my initial buy price was 360 and it went down to 50 odd levels. I avareged it down on every fall, as a naive investor this is learning curve for me and I am learning from my mistakes. And as you can see I have mentioned this in topic itself my primary goal is to reduce holding of rain industry. And yes I agree this is skewed allocation.

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Got it Vishal, thanks.
The first step in valuepickr we do is to write our investment philosophy in few lines about each stock in our portfolio. Please do the same and I am sure you will get very good pointers from veterans here.

Thanks Raj, I will share brief philosophy about each investment soon.

I am sharing brief philosophy behind each investment,

Rain industries - I like management of this company very much, this is a cyclical business but in downturn they manage to remain profitable plus major CAPEX is in queue.

ITC : I am personally using products of ITC except for cigerates so I can say future of company is very bright. the dividend yield is also attractive.

DHP India: Attractive valuation. and I read the analysis of one of VP member @dineshssairam ‘Dinesh Sairam’ on this stock and I like his investment style.

Sunteck reality: Betting on Mumbai real estate player with good management with attractive valuations.

VST Industry: Attractive dividend yield with moderate growth. recession-proof business.

Safari Industries: Growth of this company is Awesome and gaining market share from market leaders like VIP industries.

Akzo Nobel: Quality mid-cap with moderate growth and available at decent valuations compare to its peers.

Godrej Agrovet: Good play on rural theme with good management.

Kriti Nutri: I like the last 5 year’s performance and I would like to increase allocation gradually after analyzing each quarter performance.

I am not an expert in doing business analysis that can be easily seen in my above one-liner explanation of each stock. I do read threads from this forum and making investment decisions.
I know that’s not enough that’s why I am seeking advice/suggestions from experience VP members.


Don’t worry about the valuations, but pick the best ones. Growth in both segments to continue for next 5 years. All the best.

Sure Sameer, I am working on it.

Added VIP Industry 3% at avg price 390. A bit confused between Safari and VIP that’s why planning to add both with equal weightage additionally I think the market share will move from unorganized players to organized/branded players.

Added Vinati Organics at price 1009. wanted to add a chemical company with consistent performance. though valuation looks high I will add further after tracking subsequent quarterly results. current weightage is around 4%.

Rain ok
Itc ok
Dhp sell
Sunteck ok
Vst ok
Safari ok
Akzo ok
Godrej ok
Kriti sell

If you want to correct the past mistakes. Just sell entire portfolio and rebuild it

Thanks for the suggestion. Dhp and Kriti both are my short term bets. I will sell them on 30 to 40% gain or after hitting stop loss.

Sold kriti after hitting stop loss with 10% loss.

Updated portfolio:

Rain industries - 54% - Avg price - 98 - promoters holding(41.14)
ITC - 8.0% - Avg price - 193 - promoters holding(-)
VST Industry - 5.0% - Avg price - 3067 - promoters holding(32.16)
DHP India - 7.0% - Avg price - 343 - promoters holding(74.37)
Sunteck reality - 4.8% - Avg price - 176 - promoters holding(67.16)
Kolte patil - 4.8% - Avg price - 176 - promoters holding(74.63)
VIP Industries - 2.8% - Avg price - 294 - promoters holding(53.46)
Safari Industries - 3.5% - Avg price - 370 - promoters holding(56.67)
Akzo Nobel - 3.5% - Avg price - 1873 - promoters holding(74.76)
Godrej Agrovet - 2.3% - Avg price - 423 - promoters holding(70.08)
Vinati organics - 4.1% - Avg price - 1015 - promoters holding(74.06)


Portfolio Update:
Added alembic pharma at price 930.

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Portfolio Update:
Added Bharti airtel at price 420.

Sold VIP and Safari, Added Bharti airtel.

Added tracking position in upwork at 26$