-ViSa Portfolio

Hi all …
I am writing here just to share my story of investing journey and to share ideas. I am a small time (so called Investor) investor trying to first understand how this whole stuff works and make some money with confidence.

I started investing first time in 2010 and with a very less money . It all started after hearing Warren Buffet and getting to know how he built wealth . Around that time the concept of investing atleast for the people in my family was trading and they thought it is all gambling. I have heard my brother in laws saying about few thousands made in one day and many times lost . They were dependent on the tips from brokers . At that time it was not very clear to me the difference between trading and investing .So due to my lack of understanding of how stock markets work i exited in few months with a very small gain as it was the time i had quit my job and wanted to focus in starting a own business.Then again after a long gap I started investing again in 2018 and again had small profit which then got eroded in 2020 march . Out of fear i again exited with a loss. Then i started investing again in 2020 August onwards and most of the purchases in the last one year and somehow holding my nerves not to exit.

I have saved my portfolio in moneycontrol and i could see now how it would have performed had i not sold them . My investment of 2010 is now 600% with SRF 40x and TVS 13x returns.Of course many others with 2x , 3x etc and also few with -100% loss. Had i not sold them and constantly reviewed not sure if i would have made it overall 6000% (60x) or 6% :smiley:

My portfolio of 2018 /2019 is around 27% up and my current portfolio of 2021 is 16% up ( it was 60% up 6 months back ).

I still remember the reason of buying SRF in 2018 and it is the management. I read an article about Mr.Arun Bharat Ram and my confidence on him was the main reason . Most of my purchases now are also based on my confidence on the management and Financial ratios (all common ratios).

Here is the top 80% of my current holdings and overall gain is now around 16% . I welcome feedback and suggestions on my current portfolio.

Thanks in advance for all your inputs.

 	                            Weightage	Unrealized gains %
EPL	                                 22%	-19
Redington	                   6%	40
Deepak nitrite	                   5%	28
Manali Petrochem	           4%	8
KanchiKarpooram	           3%	-34
Ester	                           3%	66
SRF	                                    3%	1
Eveready	                            3%	76
RattanIndia Ent	            3%	-11
Gufic Bio	                            3%	-3
GoodLuck	                    3%	120
Wipro	                            3%	21
Tech Mahindra	             2%	54
Gujarat Themis Bio	             2%	35
Motherson sumi	             2%	1.5
Suven Pharma	            2%	68
RACL	                             2%	55
DP Wires	                             2%	102
IDFC first	                             2%	-23
Yes Bank	                             2%	-7
Sahyadri	                             2%	-27
Rama Phosphate	             2%	-5